What's there to fear?

I have a startling interest in Lucid Dreaming all of a sudden. I cam across the topic while surfing the web about telepathy and shared dreams… out of curiosity.

I’ve had a few dreams where I knew I was dreaming but did not know how to control it. I guess I had a very low LD dream. I only realise at the very end and then wake up.

From reading this, I am kinda afraid of starting this process into lucid dreams. I keep thinking that dreams will feel like real life, and … in RL i usually get really afraid - baaah… I’m paranoid about more intense dreams… o____o and I haven’t even really had one yet.

So what I’m asking here is… what did lucid dreams feel like at first? Is there anything to be afraid of? Har similar is it to being in real life? I’m curious XD

I’ve had a few LDs and I can promise you theres nothing to be afraid of ^^

And if you’re paranoid about them being too intense, you can always change it, it’s your dream :happy:

A LD feels somewhat real…It depends on your level of Lucidity :smile: It really can feel like real life, just how a normal dream feels like real life sometimes. But even if it does feel that way to you. No need to fear anything, you can never be hurt inside of your dream ^^

At least I don’t think :eh:

the thing is, you ease into lucidity levels. At the beginning, they’re vivid, but very very dream like. When you get better at achieving LDs, they can seem truly real. I’ve had ones that were more real than… well, reality.

But there’s nothing to fear. Even when LDs seem real, you can still tell the difference. This I swear.

P.S. There also aren’t any physical draw backs to lucid dreaming, you can’t be hurt in anyway by them. just in case you were wondering.

I had my first LDs when I was 4 years old. I was being tormented by King Kong in a recurring dream. So for me, they were a relief. But all my LDs feel slightly different in someway, most of the time I let my subconscious lead the dream and don’t take much control, so I can be in really weird circumstances.

Me! :tongue: -Depends on what you mean, nothing is going to happen that would put you in any danger. But it is possible to have nightmares and be lucid, the good thing there though, is that you can take control and change the dream to something fun instead.

That is really upto the dreamer. I’ve had dreams that are very realistic. On the other hand, I have also shape-shifted into a wolf and a tornado.

At first you’re filled with an incredible sense of wonderment at the fact that you’re actually -inside- your own mind, or rather a world entirely of your minds creation. Then you’re probably filled with an urge to ‘do something’, to experience something in this new land you’ve discovered. More often than not, your first lucid dream will be a short one, as you’ll be so excited that you’ll wake yourself up (even fear of waking up quickly will prompt it to happen - unless you asert it to not happy :smile: ).

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. In a world of your own creation, you have nothing to fear. You are the Creator of your own Inner-verse. Nothing can harm you, you can not die. Well actually you CAN ‘die’, but not in the physical sense :smile: I once read a dream journal of someone that ‘died’ in their dream, and their dream-spirit rose up out of their body, and went on to a ‘dream-heaven’ to meet up with loved ones that had passed.

It’s hard to describe until you experience it, but you are more aware of the world around you while LDing than you are when you are physically awake. Colours, lights, smells, tactile sensations are all magnified a hundred times, and feel ‘realer’ than anything in the physical world. This is what makes LDing so unique. Waking up from a thrilling and exciting LD is the greatest emotional high I’ve ever experienced, and it lasts for days at a time (and doesn’t cost you a cent).

Yea. Your first honest to goodness real high level LD with the works is the greatest feeling in the world- when you know you are existing in a world without consequence, the feeling is overwhelming. Learn it, earn it, EMBRACE IT! >.< Do your best! Its totally awesome. <(>.<)^

In dreams nothing can harm you. There is only pain if you want pain, or if you worry about it to much. The pain is usually not right though, being shot might feel like being poked. The danger in a dream is not real, the fear you feel though is. So, if you just relax, no there is nothing to be afraid of. The more you worry, the more likely something scary is to happen, so just relax.

My first LD was rather short, it was low level too. So I didn’t really feel much, but in another dream, I was able to feel things. It’s only like real life if you want it to be.