What's this kind of lucidity called? Me=Newb

Hey guys… I need some help explaining this lucid dream… I did not try a WILD, but I tried a MILD, but then I fell asleep and woke up like fourty times (with some dreams in betwen which were non-lucid)… Betwen every time I woke up, I did a quick reality check. And one of the times I woke up, I realised I was in a dream right away… It dosent sound like a MILD cause your supposed to realise it in your dream, and it was not a WILD since your supposed to step in to your dream… But this was like, when I woke up in my bed, I KNEW I was dreaming right ahead.

To me, this sounds like a giant issue. Talk to either Sureal, Xetrov, Dark Sider, Wolf or other experienced LD-ers on this forum, they oughta help ya out. :content:

But unfortunately i cannot explain this problem. :sad:

wow, what do you mean issue? A problem-issue or this-should-be-discussed-issue??

I’m freaking out here… =P

problem??, what problem???.
no problem there, I don’t know what it was, a DILD maybe??, dont know. Just be happy for having a LD, congrats!

Congratulations on your lucid dream! :thumbs:

Sometimes they just happen that way. You just know it is a dream. From what you described it was a MILD. I do not know why you would think it wasn’t. You did your MILD mantra and later became lucid.

But that is exactly what happend. A FA is still a dream. So if you performed MILD and became lucid later on, it was most likely because of that.

You had what we call a “false awakening” (FA). You dream you wake up in your bed, but you’re dreaming indeed. Lucid dreams can be very realistic, that why it’s sometimes astonishing. So, it was a MILD.
And yes! Congrats on your first lucid dream! :good:

Yeup - ye had an FA, and the MILD kicked in :smile:. Not much else to it really :tongue:.