whats up with False Awakenings?

like why do we have false awakenings? is it cause our mind remembers our real life during a dream? or that our subconscious is trying to keep us from lucid dreaming? whats up with False Awakenings?? i hope this isn’t a stupid question lol…

As far as I know, there is no official theory about what FA’s do or if they have any purpose. Regarding your third question, there is some older topic here which you might find interesting to read. I personally see FA’s simply as dreams in which you wake up.

Judging from my personal experience, they can be caused by one of these two things: First, you have a somewhat higher degree of awareness, still not enough to be either lucid or awake, and what you get is a dream about waking up, which can happen after a LD. Second, some part of you wants to remind you to do something, be it simply not oversleeping, writing into your DJ or going to the bathroom.

If you have them constantly you can turn them into your advantage. Just do RC whenever you wake up. Even slightly, of course if you don’t practice DEILD, FILD or such techniques that require no moving upon awakening…

Your mind always remembers your “real life” during dreams. When you dream, your memories are written and defragmented, per se. Or at least that’s one of the theories.

FAs can definitely be used to induce LDs though, as dB_FTS said. It’s not a way of trying to prevent you from LDing.

I’ve been experiencing False Awakenings since I was little & almost everytime there’s paranormal activity involved (getting up for school and then suddenly getting held up against a door by some invisible entity or being dragged up a wall, etc etc)

I always know when its gonna happen because as I’m falling asleep I will hear loud bangs in my ears and I’m just overcome by this wave of extreme fatigue where its almost impossible to keep my eyes open. Its even harder to wake up from one of these things once you realise its a dream.

A lot of the time after I’ve woken up from an FA, I can go back to sleep and awaken in that same FA. I’ve also experienced an FA within an FA.

I don’t know what causes it but its horrible. :bored:

i too experienced an fa in an fa. it was unpleasent. i also sensed a peranormal presence behinde my bedroom door. i saw glowing words on the door and when i opend it i was geting sucked out. then woke into another fa where i could not move. realy wierd and unpleasent. how could one prevent the unpleasentness.

Everything is in your mind. If you feel unpleasant, the dream or FA will be unpleasant. It’s that simple. You control everything.

One morning after I had woken up from an FA, (I’d always tried to fight it) I decided to willingly go into the FA and explore since apparently embracing your fears helps to overcome them.

Worst mistake ever. Apart from the loud crashing sounds coming from the kitchen and the creature or whatever, peaking at me through my window, I got attacked… . Once again by some invisible being.

That’s when I started avoiding them at all costs which resulted in hectic migraines and cotton mouth.

Other than that I haven’t experienced one in a while, thankfully.

Here’s the video where Charlie Morley talks about confronting fears and nightmares. You have to embrace the fear, not fight it…

There is no need to go against your own mind. Even if you had a few bad experiences doesn’t mean that all of them will be the same. I talk from my own experience. I had bad episodes of SP and FA’s but those are just a drop in the ocean of good experiences…

I haven’t had a good experience yet "̮

Although I am very keen on exploring a realm beyond reality where there are less entities with anger issues. I’m sure things would get very interesting. "̮

Something that might work for ASquirrelAteMyShoe

It was actually on the news in my country some time ago that researchers had found a way by which people could stop having nightmares. I would clasify your Fa’s as repetative nightmares. they had the test subject wright down the entire nightmare after they had it, but they would make the subject come up with their own happy endings for the nightmare and they had to wright those down instead of the actual ending of the nightmare. then the had to think about it actively with the happy ending. according to the research your nightmare won’t return after doing this.

And as dB_FTS said above, don’t run away for your fairs, embrace them, fight them, and you will come out as a better being (be Batman!).

For example: I use my super awesome magic powers to turn the invisible monster into a gift-bearing fairy who showers me with all the Sushi one could ever desire.


I just kick his butt and take his invisibility cloak for myself.

I could have fun with this. Hehe "̮

Yes ASquirrelAteMyShoe, that’s the way. Or a Squirrel eats his shoes and he starts to cry :cry:

Good luck!

As for normal dreams and LD’s, I haven’t had a nightmare in yonks. Most of them could be turned into good movies (or so-so, whatever rolls eyes). There isn’t a night that goes by that I don’t dream. "̮ Love it.

:lmao: Lol, Thanx!!

i have faced my fears in a normal ld and have not had any bad dreams after that but then i just started geting these fa’s. i will try to overcome them as well and have good expectations with it. thanks for that never thought of doing that in an fa.