What's up with the sun in LDs?

Anyone of ya’ll ever stare at the sun in an LD? It’s best described as sureal. I get flooded with weird emotions and I see images of death and pain. But with I go to it( this is an LD remember) and touch it it takes me to MadWorld, always to the compound. This is strange and would like to know if anyone else has this happen to them in an LD of ND(normal dream) The moon is also cause for concern but I’ll talk about that later. Am I alone on this? :bored:

Well once in a dream, I don’t remember when I got lucid, but I was in my bed. Then something made me look out of the window, it was like if a voice told me to do that. I looked out and saw two small suns! I know I was lucid then. Then the same “voice” told me some strange story about Antarctica and stone age people and stuff, I think it had something to do with the two suns. I then felt unpleasant about the dream, and wanted to get out of it. Then I got several FAs, but I got lucid in all of them, before I woke up.

First off, what’s a FA look: ? Hmmm, two suns eh? Maybe it’s like, er no. You might be trying to, no that’s not it erither. Well damn I have no clue :crying: ! Anyone out there wanna help? I good at the whole LD stuff but this sun issue has me stumped. HELP !! :nervous:

Well, you can check the Dictionary in the Quest of Lucidity forum, or you can simply hover your mouse over the FA ancronym. All ancronyms that are in the dictionary, will pop up an explanation if you move your mouse over them. Or I can make it simple for you and tell that FA=False Awakening, when you dream that you woke up from the dream you just had.

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