What's your mantra ?

Ok so mantras and affirmations are a big part of MILD and I want to know, what’s yours ? Do you have a specific one or change them up ? Etc…

Not really mantra, but is my critical question: “What’s happening?”
Apart from that I just use the standard “I am dreaming”, “I will wake up after my dreams”, and “I will need to actually wake up at ___AM”

I don’t MILD but I usually do a self-hypnosis session when going to sleep where I implant suggestions like
“I will lucid dream tonight”
“I will have a transcendental dream tonight”
“I will wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated”

If you were to use one of these as a mantra whilst in self-hypnosis they would work better because you are in a deep trance and more connected with your subconscious. Setting the intention is also more important than just repeating the words. To set the intention you need to create a mental hook like how you would intentionally remember where you put your car keys for example. There is a process involved where you create space in your mind to remember where you left your car keys and if you do the same with the mantra… turn it into a memory it will work better :smile:

Thank you both for the reply ! and 1move turning it into a memory is a great idea, I do self hypnosis a bit but do you do this every time you go asleep ? Or have you just done it often enough to where you don’t need to anymore or just whenever you get the chance to do this self hypnosis ?

my current goal is to try and spot a tree in the dream world so every night before i sleep i draw a tree and fall asleep saying to myself “spot the tree”. it didn’t have any significant results yet but it seems to help my dreams become more clear and longer

I don’t really use a mantra, but instead focus on the pure, non-verbal intention to realize I am dreaming while I am dreaming. I find it easier to process and remember things like that.

Sounds interesting, does it work is the real question ?!

I’ve done this a few times. I remember when I’m able to do this well it has great results (I should practice this more :eek: ).

Other than that I usually use “the next time I’m dreaming I will remember to recognize I’m dreaming”, which is a bit big so I say it at least three times focusing on each part separatelly. It’s worked great many times, but I should try to find a shorter one that works…

I mostly use “I will lucid dream and remember it” while focusing on what I want to happen and what the mantra means. :tongue:

I try to keep mine short and sweet so it’s usually “I’ll recognize I’m dreaming”. It used to be “I’ll know I’m dreaming”, but weird logic told me that having “know” (no) was a negative word so I changed it. ^^;

Like Mew so eloquently put it… I make it a non-verbal intention most the time using that memory technique, I don’t speak the words just project the thought into a set intention like creating a future based memory. There is an unexplainable spiritual aspect to it almost like your using energy to write it as an event on your timeline. If I get the chance I do self-hypnosis because it’s more powerful and can be used to implant other suggestions, achieve deeper states and more transcendent dreams.

“Soon I’ll be in a dream, and I’ll remember that it is a dream”. If i am trying to incubate i specific dream, i add “…when I do/see this and that” at the end.

“I will wake up at 3am”
then I wake up and go with something like “I will fall asleep and have LD” or something like that.

Mantra alarm clock always worked, the second one unfortunately didn’t.