What's your recurring dream?

I’m interested to hear what recurring dreams you all have; do you have multiple dreams you cycle through, or just one or two? Are they exactly the same, or slightly different each time? This applies to non-lucid dreams, for the record. Reliving a dream intentionally doesn’t count. :tongue:

I only really have one dream that’s recurring. I’m being shown a house. It’s for sale, I assume, as there’s no furniture, and the floor is littered with dead leaves. The house is in good shape, and relatively new. I’m standing in the empty living room with a wall of windows behind me, and a long, dark hallway is at the back of the room, a ways away. I know the bedrooms are back there, but I haven’t seen them yet. The woman showing me the house is leaning against the island countertop separating the kitchen from the living room. She’s waiting for my thoughts, but she never asks and I never tell her. Sunlight pours in from the windows behind me, and while I never turn around, I know the house is at the top of a mountain or hill, and there isn’t another house anywhere nearby.
This is my house. It was always my house. It was just waiting for me to get here.

That sounds like a pleasant recurring dream.

Mine are stressful.
Going to school late, unprepared with no timetable or work done.

Another is more a recurring theme than dream. Having to cross an extremely busy road.

I also have a recurring location. A large house set in extensive grounds.

The busy road theme sounds terrifying! Hopefully it works out okay?

Itchies, that sounds like a very good dream! moogle, not so much. :hugs:

I also get the one with going to school late and unprepared. I can’t find my books, I’m late for the bus, my clothes are missing, etc. This one usually comes with the feeling that I’m certainly failing, but getting on the bus just to not embarrass my parents yet. Sometimes I make it into the classroom before I remember that school was over many years ago. This one is so common that I don’t even post it most times.

Another recurring scene is the one where I try to explain something important, and my voice stops working. My throat closes up, so the more I try to speak, the less sound comes out. I still can’t recognise this one as a dream.

Other common ones are:

-I look at the sea and the waves start growing, until they hit the windows of my parents’ house.

-I am at work, the doors don’t close properly and customers keep coming in after closing time.

-It is spring and pansy flowers come up everywhere. I remember sowing them in secret and feel very proud.

-The sea is still, the weather is nice, perfect for fishing…but I can’t find my fishing equipment, or people are stopping me from going. Sometimes I get as far as packing my backpack. There is always a lighter in the backpack, and that feels very important.

All of these are simply so common that I usually don’t post them, unless they develop into a LD.

This is more of a reoccurring theme than a reoccurring dream or place, but I often dream of being at school and having missed a large portion of time. This means I dream of some version of my high school, either with high school teachers and content, or university ones, or a mix. The main crux is I have been away from school and have a ton to catch up on / am failing in grades / am being excused for having missed things.

They only began after I took time off Uni, and ended up almost failing an assignment upon my return. It was the first time I had done so poorly at school, and while I get why it happened I still feel it’s inexcusable. Since Uni is barely a tangible place to me (so much of my work is online now), the theme usually presents with my high school peers as well.

Reading that Siiw still has unprepared school dreams makes me feel better, though. :woah: I need to learn to remember that I am no longer in high school, and those people are no longer my peers.

I have a recurring theme too. It’s having no way back home for one reason or another/losing everyone permanently. A few times it has been the end of the world. I’m either hiding in another reality or teleported to another planet in that case.

Once a witch sent me to the future. I saw our house burnt down and could hear the witch laughing. Since I had no magical powers, I was stuck in the future alone. Everyone I cared about were dead and had probably been looking for me for years.

The witch dream is from 14 years ago, but I’ve had 4 dreams that fit this theme in recent years. I would still call it recurring. :tongue:

I think a lot of people have those dreams in which we get embarrassed, or we fail at something: going to school and losing pants/shoes on the way, going to a test unprepared (or prepared, but everything goes weird), walking home from school and realizing you forgot something (shoes or pants for me, again :happy: )…

I have a lot of recurring dreams and dream themes. Some of the most frequent are about being attacked by wolves, zombies and Nazi spaceships (not all at once, thank goodness).

@Letaali, that sounds horrible. :sad: