when awake...

:rofl: i just thought is there any other way to increase the chances of lucid dreams when your awake during the day. :yinyang: all im doinng is occasional rcs so i was wondering is there anything else that will improve the chances ???

During the day, imagine that everything you observe is like a dream.
Try to visualize how it would be if you’re dreaming at that moment. How would it be to become lucid then? What would you feel? What should you do next? Try to imagine this as vividly as possible.
You can do this whenever you’re thinking about it. This method certainly helped me :smile:

:zzzz: sleep on it

Yeah, I started doing it yesterday and had a LD last night. So, yeah, it worked for me.

Congratulations! :partying_face:
It’s important that you keep doing this exercise every day. In time you’ll stop thinking about it as you’ll start questioning your situation automatically. If you succeed with this, you’ll also automatically start to question your situation as soon as you’re dreaming. And then the fun begins ofcourse :clown:
Good luck!

Very interesting mystic, thanks for sharing :smile: