When do you DEILD?

Just wondering when you personally do DEILD? Do you try it only when you occasionally wake up without moving or do you wake yourself up for it by using autosuggestion or an alarm?

i wake up from a normal dream and then go back in it lucid.

DEILD is done immediately after waking up from another dream (hence it being called Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream). You do not move or open your eyes at all and you actually will get into another dream within minutes since your body/mind are still ready for sleep. If you move or use an alarm it goes back to just being WILD and may take longer.

Just making sure I understand you correctly, so DEILD is supposed to be done without using an alarm but after waking up naturally?

You can use an alarm if it has an auto shutoff or something like that, but it’s more likely to make you jerk. A regular alarm will not work because you’d have to move to shut it off. Naturally waking up is the best way to do it.

Generally, I DEILD on accident. Somehow, in the brief period I’m awake, I remember lucid dreaming and enter lucid. It works best for me after 6 or more hours of sleep, so generally in the morning.

I’ve only ever done it once, and I wouldn’t really call it DEILD’ing, it was more of a chained-dream.
I exited one dream due to low focus, then entered another one after DILD’ing. A fun experience, but I’ll get to working on this once I get back into WILD’ing.