When does REM occur?

Hi. I want to try FILD tonight but one of the requirements is that you do it during REM. Once youve fallen asleep how long until you go into the REM stage? I need to set my alarm for that time.

Thanks in advance.

I think ~4-6h (it depends, correct me if I’m wrong). My alarm clock rings after 5h sleep and my dream recall is pretty good then. I think it’s also a good time to do a FILD. :smile:

Thanks :grin: . Anyone else know?

I think REM accurs after 90 minutes sleep but I´m sure :smile:

:happy: thanks heaps. Just in time too. I’m about to go to bed now.

Did some research, because I think it’s interesting to everyone when the average REM-periods are. Here it is:

Hope it’ll help you! :smile:

hmm… where have you read this? You don’t have to do it during REM to do FILD, you just have to be very relaxed so you will fall asleep very quickly. So, set your alarm for anytime you are very tired, maybe 4-6 hours after you go to bed.

whats FILD?

FILD is a variation of WILD. You can read an article about it here and discuss the technique here.

not bad! three times to become lucid… since the the first four/five hours are for deep sleep…

it’s rare to become lucid during the two rem cycles.

REM sleep is a stage in the sleep cycle, which occurs approxiamtely every 90 minutes. At the start of the night, you spend less time in REM sleep and much more time in theta and delta sleep (deep sleep). As the night progresses you spend less and less time there and more in REM. An early REM cycle might only be 5 minutes; but late night ones can easily be 30 minutes or more.

So to answer your question, you’ll go into REM about 90 minutes after you go to sleep, and every 90 minutes thereafter. The exception to this is naps, in which you ofte go almost directly into REM sleep; which is why you hear naps being recommended for people trying to learn WILD.

Aww, I learned about this in psychology but everyone already posted what you need to know. What I do recall is that for whatever stage of sleep you were previously in when you wake up, if you are only awake for a short period of time, you will go straight back to that stage of sleep upon falling asleep.

So yeah, I see the need for waking up during REM.

90 minutes sounds good. Mmm. Maybe I’ll try it out.

This should help. It explains the Sleep Cycle quite well. :grin: