When is the best time for you to be lucid?

Hello Everybody,

I have my best lucid dreams after I wake up around 3:30 AM and felt asleep again around 4:50 am.

My worst (when I have nightmares and negative experiences) are when I wake in the morning around 8 am, lazy up, stay in bed and felt asleep again.

What about you?

My first was when i was super drunk one night. REM rebound i suppose? I was’t even trying honestly.

My best though was on a random night when i was actively trying to lucid dream & keeping a journal. Many actually, sooo nice. Not something you can get from a drug, you just have to want it. + practice

Thanks, Human Man. Based on your post, I think I need to do more effort to do my dream journal, reality checks and etc… :smile:

sometimes when im super sleepy i go straight into dreams so i guess when i havent slept in a while :smile:

Thanks for sharing pixieblossom :smile:

this is the same for me. I have the best success with FILD (or HILD) at this time. the frustrated thing is I’ll feel myself slipping into a dream, do a reality check, but then when I try to open my “dream eyes” and get out of bed, I end up shattering the fragile state of dreaming and waking up.

I do the best in those lazy weekend mornings when I’m not really tired, just not wanting to get out of bed.

I have the most nightmares when I try to WILD at night before bed. I get myself into sleep paralysis and then experience those freaky SP dreams where I can see ghosts but can’t move. eeek! I’ve stopped doing WILD because of this, unfortunately.