When It Takes Too Long...

My problem is long fall-asleep time, currently it takes me about 1,5h (varies from 1 to 2 hours). My problem is that I get bored after 4ex. 45-minute counting with eyes closed (and I somehow can’t keep my eyes completely closed for that long). If I get up at about 4am - 5am, I just feel too tired and weak to read/use the net/walk/run/stare at the knots on the wooden ceiling :tongue: /anything else and what’s more, even silent steps/ page turns/ pocketpc screen taps (turning the desktop computer on needs turning the extender on, which activates the laser printer orchestra :grin: ) would wake everyone up, they have ligt sleep. The weakness also makes it impossible to talking to myself forcing LD or do WILD or just try to get back to the last dream.

I have the exact same problem. The first time i felt as if i was close cuz i was actually seeing clear images for less than half a second. But then it goes away and then i say forget it and still cant sleep for another hour. i would like to hear an answer on this one too

same problem here

You could try the technique I use to fall asleep quicker; though it’s actually meant to induce an OBE.

What I do is to lie completely still (it’s important not to move, except for breathing, of course!), thinking about random stuff, just forcing myself not to go idle. I keep my eyes open, and try to only blink manually - this makes me tired. Sometimes I pay attention to my breathing. I try to do this for ten minutes, but I’m usually too tired after only two-three, so I proceed to the next step; trying to zone out. I try to not think about anything at all, which I find really hard, especially when I’m tired. I think it’s a form of WILD, actually, but it sure makes me tired. :razz:

Hello, it appears my computer jsut deleted my response off the screen so I will response to you again tonight. Just quikcly now though, if presume you are trying a wild?? its eaiser after sleep

I can’t quite lie without move, because i have something like “skin hallucinations” (the name itself is crazy :tongue: but i couldn’t think of any other one). I basically feel random pinches, itching, heat or freezing on microscopical parts of my skin. It’s annoying but keeps me from not moving for more than few seconds.

restless leg syndrome maybe. that would suck. I found that manually blinking your eyes makes harder for you to open them and your body kinda reacts and gives you that feeling like your about to pass out.

I usually get that just before the SP really kicks in, it’s hard but I always ignore them and after a while they go away.

sometimes, an for a lot of people, when your body is falling asleep, and you are doing it in a non natural position or way or time, your mind will send out an eletric signal to lets say your leg as it falls asleep to check that it is still alive, when your leg twitches and kicks / moves or buzzes its sending back the signal saying yup im here after some time your brain realises whats going on and stops doing that. Focus on seeping that helped me overcome this , ir focus on I am asleep falling asleep eaisly etc etc