When performing the WILD LD method, Do you have to sp

When you go through the WILD method for Lucid Dreaming, ‘I know you have to relax yourself, and stay consious, while you’re drifting of into the hypnogagic state, and eventually go into the hypnogagic images, and create a dream scene’ , but do you have to remain 100% still, and go through sp or sleep paralysis in order to perform this method? like, can I just try to make myself fall asleep, and while I’m drifting off, make sure I’m conscious, or do I have to stay perfectly still, until I feel paralysised…If I have to go through sp in order to perform the WILD method, than please tell me how to go fast through sleep parlysis and what to do… thanks :content:

Yes, you do, and there’s a great video on sleep paralysis here.

Nice video. Thanks.

That video was very helpful, thanks

Though your body always goes into sp when you dream, you do not have to experience it consciously. Some breifely loose consciousness and then find themselves in a forming dream. Skipping the consious experience of sp almost all together…

Instead of just saying the same thing I’ll just quote Mr18111 :tongue:. One of the biggest mistakes (IMO) people do when trying to WILD is focus too much on SP and HI as necessary steps to WILD. Many people get very close to the LD but don’t succeed because they are still waiting for SP. I don’t feel SP during most of my WILD’s. In theory staying perfectly still will help fool your brain and make it think your mind is asleep, but if you focus too much on staying still you won’t let your mind relax enough.

I’m actually going to say no, it’s not. About 25-30% of my LD’s are from WILD. Only a couple of those have started with SP. It’s true, your body will enter SP any time you’re dreaming, but it doesn’t mean you have to go through it consciously. Part of it depends on when you WILD. If you try at the beginning of the night, it’s more like for you to hit SP. If you’ve been sleeping for a while first, you’re more likely to skip that step.

I will say that SP is a very easy way to get WILD, though. If you get SP fairly frequently or know how to induce it, by all means go ahead.

I go into a little more detail with my article here.

I haven’t been able to achieve WILD from straight awaken state, but I wake up in SP frequently, and so I perform WILD then. Which is almost alway successful.

When I try WILD from a totally awake state I don’t experience SP, only slight visuals that eventually “pop” into a more materialized dream state. That ““pop” - loss of consciousness for a millisecond” " always kicks me out of the dream instantly.