when taking time off from L.D.

Ive been having some good dream recall for the past two weeks, but I havnt had a LD yet. When I take a break from LDing do I need to do it from DR allso? Im only going to take a break for about a week so hopefully I can still have good DR when I start back up.

I think your DR should be back after that week :smile:

I sometimes take breaks too from DR (only writing down dreams that I really want to write down), and it can feel as a relief, not having to recall your dreams, write them down or attempting to become lucid. So I’d say go for it, and don’t worry, I think it will come back after that week.

It depends though, if you have worked really hard to get your DR up, it could go down after not ‘training’ it (like your muscles if you don’t work out), so it might take longer when you get back at it again.

what are everyone elses experiences with this?

I had to work hard on my DR and I found that it decreases drastically when I stop writing in my journal :sad:

Sometimes I am lazy and don’t keep up with recording dreams. But I find this hurts my overall DR.

I believe it is best to always make an effort to remember your dreams and record them.

Also, when I’ve had a period with poor recall I will set different alarms during night so that I have multiple WBTB. This usually results in remembering 4 or 5 dreams in a night.