when the news rooms panic.

I was watching CNN when huricane Rita was hitting Texes. People paniced which caused the traffic jam. There was so much going on at one time, with the storm, gas going up, the traffic jam, economy, and the bus blowing up. I thought it was dooms day. I think alot of it is because in the back of everyones mind there is the fact that this is the time when Christe is supose to return, global warming, violent storms, 9/11, oil, war, and what ever else is going on, maybie aliens, and space allso. The whole system seems to be getting very fragile. The people dont trust the government, and the government dont trust the people. What happens when the shit does hit the fan? How is the media suppsoe to cover dooms day, or can they without causing total panic, and chaos? I think the midea plays a big part with dooms day. What do you think?

I think the media has long lost sight of what they’re supposed to do. Nowadays they are more an indoctrination tool, with how biased they’ve become. Now, I’m not talking all left or all right bias, because there’s both, but they aren’t SUPPOSED to be biased. They’re supposed to give us information and let US decide.

I blame media… There is absolutely no more chaos today than in the past. There was more violent weather in the past, and also it was much warmer than it is today as well. There has also been alot of great wars upon the times, which makes 9/11 look like nothing. The only thing that is for sure, is that the oil will sometime run out in the future and that the prices will probably raise as well.

The only difference is that you hear more about this stuff today, and also more people live in hurricane affected areas and so on…

The american media is particlularily bad. Compared to news from otgher countries it sounds almost like an advertisment for some kind of action movie or sports program.
I agree with Tomas, the only reason this stuff seems more prevelant is because we have a vast media to cover it. The world isn’t spiraling downward into chaos, it’s just that the media eats that bad stuff up and gives it to the public in a nice little bundle of biased propaganda :down:

So true. I don’t even tell people that I work in the news industry. I tell them that I work in the bad-news industry.

Honestly, how often do you see GOOD news? Every time I turn on the TV, I have trouble discerning the “news” from a trailer for the next Bruce Willis action blockbuster.

Very true. It’s almost like they leech strength off of the public’s panic…

if it is doomsday
grabs shotgun
cant wait till the dead rise psycotic laugh :cool: :grin:

I imagine people were freaking out during WW2 allso. Theres not much diffrance between then, and now. I imagine people thought Hitler was the antichriste. There was Perl Harbor, the great depression, and the first atom bomb was droped. The only diffrence is that news travaled slower then, because there were no TVs. Maybie its just the speed of the information that causes people to panic.

Indeed, today you can go on the internet, watch TV, etc to find out all sorts of news as it happens, but back then you’d have to gather 'round the AM radio and wait for the news to come on.

Well, that was something to freak out about for those living in the most affected areas.