When to start

I’m very new here and know nothing of LDing, and I read on the main page (not the forum) about how to LD and about writing in a DJ; it said something along the lines of: write in your DJ until you can average at least one remembered dream a night until I start LDing. so does this mean I shouldn’t even try to LD yet until I can remember at least one dream a night or should I still attempt LDing while trying to remember dreams every night.

I started trying to LD at the same time as I was starting my dream journal. I had my first LD within a month. I’d say it’s fine to start both. but I suppose it depends on your current dream recall. I had fair recall before I even started.

i agree with iona. i started my DJ because i remembered a dream i had the previous night. plus i think LDing improves your recall too.

So does that mean I can write down a dream I had about five days ago in my DJ, seeing as how I remember it vividly?

There isn’t really any limitation on what dreams you write in your Dream Journal, it’s yours. :smile: The focusing on your dreams will only help to improve your recall. With starting to Lucid Dream before you can recall your dreams thing. It’s not a huge problem if you do start trying to LD before you can recall dreams, it is possible that you can forget your LDs though.

:yes: because keeping as full a record as possible of your dreams will help you spot your common dream signs

Oh alright then, thank you all. I’ll start writing that dream i had a few days ago down then. Thanks again.

It would be good practice to start trying now, even if you don’t conciously remember anything when you wake up. Also, if you try the Wake-Induced method, that will work without the dream journal, but can still be hard work. I say try everything, as long as it’s convenient and not going to mess with your obligations.

Good luck.

Well if your recall is really bad, you should probably just record in your DJ for a week before you try any techniques. It would really suck if you had an LD, but couldn’t remember it.
I’ve noticed a big improvement in my DR. Before I knew about LD’ing, I recalled about 3-5 dreams a week, now after just over a month and a half, I can recall between 9-14 dreams a week. Writing in your DJ basically tells your mind not to throw away the dreams you had the previous night because you need to write them down, I guess.
So whatever you do, make sure you keep a DJ :wink:

You should start writing in DJ. After you can remember alot of stuff everyday after you wake up, You sould start to MILD, or DILD or WBTB. You should check out the ld4all guide, or on the forums for more detail.

But remember, it’s a whole lot easier to remember lucid dreams than normal dreams, so don’t waste a whole out of time when you can be writing in a DJ and trying to LD.

Im also new here, I started getting curious about Lucid dreaming sometime last week. I have kept a dream journal next to my bed and I have been able to recall most my dreams since it, in fact just this morning I had found out I was dreaming and I felt a tingle in my head and then I woke up, or so I thought I was in my old room, so my advice is just try to remember yours dreams and write them down. I seem to be getting better and better every night.