When u dream....?

What POV (point of view) do u dream n? Like, do u dream n 1st person or 3rd person POV–overall?

I always c myself so I dream n 3rd person overall, but it’s wierd cuz it’s like I c myself but I’m there n my body–it’s hard 2 explain, but it’s a mix between 1st and 3rd person (I call it 4th person)… :wink:


1st person
3rd person
or 4th person

There are two modes I usually dream in. The one I dream in most is 1st person. The other alternative is that I ocassionally dream in 1st person observer: I don’t take part of the action - I’m merely watching everything like a 3D movie. But that’s rare. I like to get involved in everything

I have both 1st and 3rd, and it’s usally quite a mix. When lucid it’s always first person, or a camera like view.

Makaze, do you speak about normal dreams? If it’s the case, I’ll move your thread in the “Stuff dreams are made of” forum.

I’ve most often 1st person point of view in ND’s. Sometimes, I have third person POV but it’s more as if I was watching a movie. Generally, I identify with the heroe and it ends in a 1st person point of view.

Meh, it feels like 1st-person in the dream, but when I wake up…I kind of get that 3rd-person feel… :eh: