When you become Lucid

When I had my two seconds of lucidity My back started to do kind oof tighten(only way I can describe it) and then I woke up.Does anybody know what this is? and how it can be stopped?

Has this happenend to any of you?

nope not me. i haven’t heard of it b4 either but then again im kinda new also so don’t take my word for it.

I find that spinning in an LD helps me get my mind off any “physical” worries, successfully eradicating them.

Judging by description it was sleep paralisis,nothing much to worry about:)Read up on it,its bit late here now for me to make it longer,but im sure theres heaps of info about it:)
good luck

Hmm,I don´t know the “thight back” , but many LDers feel that ,when becoming lucid, they aren´t in control of their body, their vision is very blurry or they even seem to loose balance.
Anyway, I agree: Try spinning around
The other thing that has proven useful to me are voice commands.Just shout out “stabilize the dream!” or something like that


Id disagree-it looks like early stage of sleep paralisis-therefore i would just stay calm and wait.Just note when it happens and hold on few more seconds knowing you gonna start lucid dreaming very soon.Just expect it.
Good luck:)

I’ve felt my legs cramping up and weighing me down when entering a lucid dream. Physical things like that are your dream-mind attempting to wrestle control from you, I think.