When you first awake from a dream.

I saw a Black widow spider, when I was coming back from a AP journey. It was on my bed. At first I thought it was a real spider, and it scared me. Ive never jumped out of my bed so fast in my life. I allso remmber another time when I woke up from a dream, I saw a tiney skelton in a football uniform. It looked so real, and vivid.

They aren’t real. Don’t worry about them.
A couple of days ago I woke up and there was a spider crawling around on my pillow right in front of my face, it wasn’t there.

Brain sometimes plays with us just after waking up… I hate it. Once after waking up from nightmare, I turned light near my bed on… and I heard loud, solic breaths. That happens, but I was scared to death, I had no clue what was that. I did some RC’s, that could be a FA or something… but it wasn’t.

Stuff like that happens, luckly very rarely. Enoughly not to worry about it. I don’t know about the AP thing, because you wasn’t using your brain at the time (as far I know… you leaved body, so this means brain too…)

If I doze of during class and get awoken suddenly I’m prone to see cats run through the classroom, I always thought it was pretty funny, prolly cause I have two kittie cats myself.

I’m envious.

I’ve had a couple phantom spiders too. One crawled down from the wall onto my bed. The second one went right under my blanket. I jumped out of bed and couldn’t find it, so I went back to sleep on the couch. It’s amazing how fast the lil buggers are.


Cant think of any examples of what ive experienced myself though.

Though on a kinda side note, i occasionally see bright flashes of light before i go to sleep, that look as if theyre coming from outside. Like lightening, but its not. Ive even looked outside to see the source. This is either repeated alien abduction attempts (lol), or more probably hypnagogic imagery.

Yae “hypnapompic” imagery. I couldnt remmber what it was called. Its so amazing how images seem to allmost materalize from your dreams.

I thought hypnopompic imagery would be gone when you are awake enough to open your eyes. well. The brain works in mysterious ways. The only thing I’ve seen when waking up when i had open eyes. Was, since my eyes wereopen already, my wall. But the image was spinning, probably because I was spinning in the dream.

Hypnapompic imagery–yeah! Just like hypnagogic when I’m falling asleep, just–I’m waking up and stuff from my dreams momentarily (maybe like a couple seconds) seep into RL.
Like when I was a kid and I dozed at a school assembly in second grade–my friend T.K. jerked me awake and I thought I saw a fat guy screaming a sound similar to a train on the stage :eek:

When I wake up from dreams I usualy am sort of dazed and half-asleep for a while. In one particular instance I thought I was the character I was in my dream, for a little bit before I realized who I was. I was suprised that I could have my memory replaced (at least temporarily) IRL so easily.

I wake up 3 to 4 times in a night seeing the same people or images. They move around and it all seems so real to me. I have to shake my head or verbally tell them to go away. They take some time to dissipate. What kind of dreaming is this? Is it lucidy? Could I get enough clarity and take it further? I’m fairly sure that what I am seeing is my subconscience. How do these types of dreams differ from lucid or AP. I always stay in the same place when I wake up and see things so therfore I’m not in lucidity…I think. Can someone explain what type of dreaming this is.


Lol. That is so funny. Lol!

Anyway, the only HI I have ever gotten is light. Seems pretty normal though.

hmm, why can’t these illusions ever include hot people? lol

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It isn’t dreaming but hypnopompic hallucinations which appear or stay with us when we are waking up. They are created by our subconscious. But are different from LDs and AP because they occur when we are arousing ourselves from sleep. As far as I know you cannot use these to become lucid, since you are actually waking up. The only way would be if you were chaining your dreams. ( click for more information about chaining )

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It might also be false awakenings, when you think you’re awake but really you’re only dreaming that you’ve woken up. Next time it happens, make sure to do a few reality checks just to make sure it’s not still a dream. Those false awakenings can seem so real sometimes…