When you go into a dream from a WILD, what is it like?

Is it like poof and your there, or is it more like just slipping in

Just recently I have had my first 2 WILDs, so hopefully I can help you out. For me, its more of “slipping in” than poof and I’m there. You have to let the hypnagogic imagery play itself out without paying too much attention to it, then when a scene forms you have to slip in the dream carrying the knowledge of the fact that you are dreaming. The hard part is picking the right time to enter the dream; thats why it is so hard and requires so much skill to perform successfully.

I agree with tcomm. It is a more gradual process than just popping into a dream.

For instance, two days ago, I was attempting a WILD during early morning hours. I couldn’t sleep for nearly an hour and was near giving up. Soon, I started feeling like the darkest blanket in existence had been thrown on top of me. I could feel weight pressing down as well. I struggled to open my eyes, not knowing what was happening, and saw that my computer speaker was in my hands. I knew this was highly illogical and realized that I was now dreaming.

So, to answer the question - at first, I couldn’t see anything, although I was asleep. Then, I noticed my computer speaker in the darkness. Finally, my hands formed around it and the surroundings began to fade in.

tcomm - what do you mean exactly about “picking the right time”? Do you mean that you shouldn’t try and “force” a dream scene to appear out of the HI?

I can get up to the vibration stage no worries and have all them cool wierd feelings in your head like it’s tripping out and stuff, but just can’t go the final step. I’ve tried doing what some people have recommended like picturing myself walking along a hallway or looking out my eyelids into my bedroom, but to no avail. Could it be that I’ve been trying too hard to see a dream scene and need to be more patient and just let the HI’s do their thing longer?

One other thing (I probably should really be asking this in that big WILD topic but it’s related to this thread’s topic I reckon so I’ll do it here…) a few times I think I’ve had a dream scene actually start to appear, cos I can make out stuff without trying to, and my eyes start flickering, but the same time the dream scene increases in clarity my RL eyes start to open and it wakes me up and is really frustrating! Is this a common problem and how do you stop it?

oratpart - For me, WILD is more of letting the dream come to you rather than forcing the dream yourself. I have tried the latter, and all that it leads to is insomnia.

If I try to go to the final step (sitting up worked best for me) without letting a dream scene form, it doesn’t seem to work.

About your second question - yes, that happens to me as well sometimes, when your eyes start to open almost beyond your control. For me they kind of slowly and subtly do this, and I agree that it is frustrating.

So I guess just be patient, and remember not to try too hard - that can be almost as bad as not trying at all.

Thanks for the help :smile: Can’t wait to get home now so I can go to bed and practice being patient! (the only prob is that it’s 2am and I’m stuck at uni trying to finish this assignment for tomorrow :scream: so not much sleeping will be done by me tonight I think…)

I would say there are three different types.

  1. The most common for me: At some point of relaxation you feel strange sensation and hear interesting sound, after that your body may start to vibrate, or you just start floating in the air. After that you may start to do what you want.
  2. Just poof… you were relaxed and had the hypnagogics, but at some point you lost it… but then something happens and you’re in a dream, and instantly know you’re in ld.
  3. Through hypnagogics: The images changes constantly as usual, but then at some point you are in those images, they are not longes just images of scenery, it’s the ‘real’ world and you can feel it… and here we go… :smile:

Soothsayer… 2 and 3 are very true.

You kind of lose consiousness for a moment (or several moments :smile: ) and then all of a sudden remember that you are dreaming. By then you can just sit up or visualize yourself sit up and you are in. Sometimes though, when the realization comes it is enough to awaken you, so be careful.