When your lucid dreaming, does it feel EXACTLY like real...

When your lucid dreaming, does it feel EXACTLY like real life? I can’t really explain how I feel when I dream. But is it supposed to feel exactly like your not dreaming? Also can you see clear?

Yeah, it can happen. That explains why some people eventually lost their lucidity as they go on in their dreams. It can be very real!!! Nothing is impossible in your dream world! Remember that!

Personally, I don’t even associate normal dreams with lucid dreaming. One of the reasons that people aren’t automatically thrilled by the concept of lucid dreaming is because they assume that the dream is still going to be a mostly nonsensical mixture of utterly ridiculous events and unrealistic physics. When in actuality, the very moment that you gain lucidity, everything becomes extremely realistic. Your vision sharpens, the world remains stable, you find detail in every little thing, you can hear well, and everything feels ultimately realistic. I’m often hesitant to call LDs dreams at all, given that once you become conscious, you’re essentially defying the standard definition of dreaming.

Thats very true Atheist.

But in a dream when u do a reality check it’s almost not needed. Because the second u think abour doing a reality check u realise u r dreaming. There is a difference between this world and the dream world but very little indeed.

You’re right about the reality checks, Z. But of course, unless you did them in RL, you wouldn’t have actually thought to do it in the dream at all. Besides, I always go through with the RC anyway just to stabalize the dream a bit.

i have dreams almost exactly like RL in every detail except i feel no pain. i gained lucidity once by tripping and falling hard on the sidewalk and not feeling more than pressure. is anyone else like this?