When your Sick......

I dont know about your guys but when Im sick Im trapped in my dreams. Like once I dreamed of being in a war in the jungle (like Veitnam…cant spell) and i was thristy. The whole time I was running from the enemy and looking for water. Finally I awoke and found out i was dreaming,…but i was soo sick i began to fall asleep and began that same dream again…i fought to stay out of the dream but it kept bring me in. Finally i did get out of it…and got a glass of water.

Yea, I have not been sick in years, but I remember having really strange and uncomfortable dreams while sleeping out viruses.

I remember a fever-dream from when I was a kid.

I felt myself lying in my bed, but it wasn’t soft. It felt like I was lying on concrete. All the time there was this terrible loud noise of trunks rolling down the stairs. It was horrible and the dream kept on repeating itself.

We call these dreams Koortsdromen in Dutch, but I dont know the Engilish word for it. Literally translated it would be something like fever-dreams

“fever dreams” is a great english term for it. Fevers definatly affects your dreams. Maybe because your brain is cooking. :mrgreen:

I think i have sometimes such dreams,but even nastyer are those day-dreams:

When i feel really bad (feels like you have to vomit all the time :panic: ) i usually lye in my bed.I try to sleep,but as soon as i close my eyes pictures come to my mind.
Mostly some senseless repeating situations (eg: myself in the classroom) that make me feel worse.Sometimes i see pics of myself playing a flight-simulator game,having a ride in a rollercaster etc.
The only way to stop this is opening my eyes and concentrating on something else,but when i do so i can´t get to sleep.And i can´t to it all the time,so after some time i close my eyes again an the whole thing repeats : (

Any ideas how to stop it?


:confused: Well I have another experience…

The last time I had fever (2 years ago) I had a weird dream but it wasn’t a real nightmare and, more importantly, it was one of my MOST LUCID dreams ever. Don’t know if this is just a lucky shot but I have always very vivid dreams when I am sick and they’re not always nightmares (most of my dreams are nightmares so I don’t really care anymore, nightmares = business as usual -except those 4 horrible FA’s in a row I once had because there was an extreme connection with a waking life problem).

But fever is not my favourite lucidity induction method :wink:

I have not been really sick or had a nightmare in years, i don’t know why.

traumgänger that bit about eyes made me remember that when i was young i used to go to sleep without closing my eyes, and i only now think it is weird. But i had no trouble getting to sleep.

Last night I was somewhat ill (influenza i guess). :sad:

From last night I could remember only one dream. (still 2 pages, but normally I remember more dreams)
I remembered somewhat vague other stuff. Like thought-like dreaming, without the images. I can’t describe it very well.

Beside that I was ill, I also went to bed very late (02:30) and went up very late (13:30).

I read that sometimes during illness, your body may fall immediately into delta sleep because infection fighting antibodies are produced in greater numbers in this sleep stage. But I found very little info about this, so I am not sure if this has been researched.

Well, maybe I had some vague memories of non REM dreaming here… :cool:

Any thoughts? :smile:

Well delta sleep is restorative sleep so that would be the most LOGICAL explanation. But indeed, it’s hard to find research about sleep stages in ill subjects… maybe there is no research!

I find that I can’t stay in dreams very well when I’m sick, because when I wake up I find it harder to get back to sleep, cause I hate being sick so much and so I’m thinking about it.