Where am i?

I’ve been noticing lately that my dreams resemble movies, without me in them. I just know im watching this “movie” but im not in front of a screen. Im “there” but i have nothing to do with whats going on and i dont interact at all. If im not part of my dreams at all how it is possible to do a RC?

If you think of the “window” as your eyes, then the problem is solved. Just look down at your hands (even if you think they’re not there).

I’m pretty sure that if you will need to RC you will have the hands for that; However, if you want your dreams not to be so movie-like, you should practice first person view: Just close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something (Preferebly with many senses: Walking a a calming beach at twilight, with the wind around you and the warm sand underneath your feet is an example)

You say that its like a movie, so you can still see thing clearly. Consequently, there are still several reality checks you can do in this state such as a text based RC. Look at a clock/book, look away, and then see if it still says the same time or has the same words. Another one you could do is to plug your nose and try to breathe through it. I

If I am correct in my understanding this should work as you should still have hands if your dream is like watching a movie.

Even when you it’s like you ar watching a movie you are still there to watch it. If you are levelheaded enough to do a RC had you been there, you should be able to realize that you are not embodied. That is like a reality check in itself, see if you have a body! But it may well be that when you think about doing something, you will get a body.

Thanks everyone, I think im just going to try to be more aware of everything around me and hopefully that will reflect in my movie- dreams