Where did it all go?

that is waht i want to know there has been or i should say there was so much energy and life for my desire to dream, my lucidity was high my recall very good, then life decide it would try and take over and it did and now…nothing. i have been away for a time, and only now am i trying to come back. My lucidity is still quite good @ times but my recall fails, i wake up and remember that i went lucid or did this and that then 1 minute later it is gone. there is no longer a desire to remember my dreams at all and this cause a great sadness within me. So my question is, where did my pashion go? where did my dream life slip off to and will it come back? my cause and desire to return to it everynight is getting stronger but with limited results the fire within me that was going to build up again is failing. I have set up a shared dreaming exercise with a massive group of friends to try and regain taht part of my self. I hope that it comes back. any suggestions from a man in a lull

i’m in a bit of a lull myself, my sleep schedule has been erratic and i can’t sleep as long as i’d like to and it’s been cutting into my dreaming :sad:

anyway, that was the moral support… here’s some advice:

when i first started out lucid dreaming, i remember the one thing i desired more than anything was to fly… flying was/is my passion… i focused my will on that and that was very easy to inspire me to work toward my goal

when you do things from your mind… it comes from just that… your mind… it’s all ego. you have to find something that inspires your heart–your passions–so that the act of focusing your mind stirs that involuntary muscle in your chest

good luck man… i know you’ll find it :yinyang:

I don’t think you’ve lost your passion, I just think interest ebb and flow over time. I doubt you will ever “lose” your passion or one day it will be “gone.”

Perhaps you are just a bit discouraged and once another great LD comes around it will spark your passion once more.

For the last few weeks my dream recall has been to zero. Obviously no remembered lucid dreams in those weeks. I’m a bit discouraged, but I remember all of the intense LDs I’ve had before and it keeps me going. I just keep searching for that new level or experience in a LD, and I hope to find something new to share. Knowing that I’m experiencing an enviroment that is so unknown to humanity keeps my interest very high, and my hopes higher.

Keep catchin’ that butterfly man! :wink: