Where do the dreams go?

Yesterday I finally had a Lucid Dream in which I encountered my tulpa, Lea.
I was counting on LDing to give her a form, so I was quite happy about it, except that I can barely remember her :meh:
I’m not hoping to recover the dream, but this made me ask what happenes with the memory of the dream.
Does the memory get completely wiped out of the brain, or do you store it somewhere, subconciously?
I know the brain stores memories differently when we dream, but how exactly does it work?

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P.S. I was browsing through the emoticons, and is this a tardis?: :tardis:

Trying to get the same dream again might help you to see this Lea once more, you can for example focus on some sentence like “I want my previous dream to come back to me” while doing a WILD.

For your wonderings, I suggest you to ask Lea in your next meeting :smile:

I actually read somewhere that the brain stores dreams in the same place as all your memories. Though I could be wrong on this since I cannot find the source for it at the moment.

Either way, I would assume that the memory of these dreams are stored just beyond your conscious ability to grasp them. There are ways of getting into your subconscious to retrieve the memories (self-hypnosis being one of them). And it depends on what you believe a tulpa is. Many people see tulpas as a manifestation of their subconscious (or at least originating IN the subconscious), so Lea could be another possible means of accessing the memory.

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Also, the emoticon is named tardis.gif, so I think it’s safe to say that’s a tardis. :wink:

I’m glad you had this successful dream, congrats! :beer:

I wouldn’t bother where our brain stores the memory of the dream because logic behind it is very simple. The more you train yourself to remember dreams the more dreams you will remember…

LL, ADA, DJ, meditation and such will greatly help you in remembering dreams…

The question was because of “scientific curiosity”, not to improve my dream reacall… :shy:

Either way my reply would be pretty much the same… :content:

thanks anyway :wink:

Sure thing! :grin:

I dont think so your brain can store all the dreams yes but it stores some of the dreams… i think the things which are related to you and you are dreaming it that could be store.

Actually we forget many things in real life just like in dream,so i don’t think the brain stores memories differently when we dream.

but then how you can remember some dreams? just because it stores somewhere in your brain?

As far as I know dreams are stored in the short term memory. The reason we work so much on recall using dream journals is to shift the storage of dreams. Anything stored in short term memory, the conscious decides isn’t completely necessary and discards after a short time. Using a DJ we reprogram our memory to recognise dreams as being important and to allow us access to these memories for longer than normal.

Personally, I believe parts of my short term memory of dreams actually still exists. I will have dreams that will have elements where I will be like “I remember that place from before!” and the “before” will actually be from a dream I have had a while back. When I wake I end up remembering this “before” dream also, or parts of it.

The more impact something has to you, the longer you will remember it, as your brain will deem the memory as being important. This is why many people can recall the setting and situation of a nightmare where they may not be able to remember the name of a person IRL.