Where do you become lucid?

Where do you become lucid?

  • In your house, or other familiar environment
  • Somewhere you have never been before
  • Either. I could be absolutely anywhere!

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Just out of curiosity, where do you usually find yourself when you get lucid in a dream? Somewhere familiar, or a strange place you have never been? I’m not talking about actual location (where you are sleeping) but rather your dreamscape.

This is interesting for me, because I almost never become lucid anywhere other than inside my house. Does location have any effect on your chance of becoming lucid?

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For me it used to be generally around my neighbourhood :content: I never really had dreams in which I was in my house :shy:

Its very rare for me to get lucid in my house…most of the time i am just somewhere out…no special place…i think around 1 to 5 times i get lucid in my house.
Yeah its an interesting topic…maybe helpfull for ppl who use rc!

I thought for a while that it might be much easier to become lucid in a place you have never been before, quite simply because you might wonder where you are, or how you got there. Strangly enough, this never seems to be the case for me.

I guess it might depend on what method you use to become lucid. If you are one of the people who can react to thing being out of place, or unusual events, then finding yourself in a strange alien place may cause you to become lucid. If instead you usually use dreamsigns, or reality checks when you see something familiar with real life, then you may find it more common to become lucid in a familiar environment.

Thanks for the responses guys :smile:

In familiar environments its easier to notice abnormalities… that’s my take on it.

I become lucid in both familiar and unfamiliar environments…

Mine usualy happen in false awakenings where I wake up in my bed and usualy either notice that my drawings on my wall are wrong or just have the feeling, “I’m dreaming.” And then I usualy float out of the glass fire emergency door in my room out to the street and look for my dream friends. I do have them start in unknown places but not as often and usualy not as highly lucid.


If you become lucid in both situations, which way did you vote? :grin:

Well, I couldn’t… :confused:
That was the point I tried to make :wink:

Ok Hypnodude, now you can chalk one up in the appropriate column. :wink:

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Like Hypnodude, I seem to become lucid almost anywhere. I tend to just notice that things are out of place and this triggers lucidity. This happens in familiar and totally unknown landscapes.

I prefer to be lucid away from home, as my dreams seem to be so much more vivid and I somehow feel less constrained.

It would be interesting to see if the location of the dream is related to whether the dream was WILD or DILD. Would WILD tend to lead to waking up in a familiar environment?

I can go lucid anywhere
It has happened to me some times that I were standing somewhere, went lucid, and in that instant was automatically teleported to my house.
So, I am around my house quite often in LDs, although I don´t always get lucid there

I can become lucid anywhere too…
But dark retreats are really fun! You get a lot of lucid dreams out of them.

Actually I’ve never gone lucid ‘at home’. It wasn’t until the day before yesterday that I had heard of lucid dreams, but I have them quite frequently already. I never know why I notice that it’s a dream. For some reason I just do. I remember, cause I’ve sort of known all along, know what I mean?

70% of the times I achieve lucidity I’m at home, or somewhere near the house.
The other times I’m at school or on my bus (very handy as a dreamsign, so I always do RCs when I’m on the bus).
But it happened to me a couple of times when I’m at a very strange place.
The strangest place ever where I got lucid was a landscape like Mordor (Lord of the Rings) with volcanoes and Ringwraiths everywhere :smile:

I’ve been lucid just about everywhere, but most often (at least recently) I remember it happening while I was outside. I’ll catch a glimpse of the sky or some scenery (perhaps familiar scenery from other LDs) and it acts as almost like a spontaneous RC…it’s a very odd feeling, like suddenly everything around me has “clicked” into place…and then I’m lucid.

I become lucid amost anywhere. When I have 100% control I am at my house. I kinda use it as a restart spot. If I’m somewhere I don’t want to be I just appear at my house, regain control and take off once more.

I’ve become lucid about 6 times but only one where I was able to stay in the dream. Everytime I became lucid that I remember, I was in my house, somewhere around it or a familiar environment. I’ve become lucuid in our van, our van, our pool, our house, our house and our driveway.

most of my early LD experiences began always at home, waking up from sleep, later i began having lucid dreams in places i do not know… but even still today, i am somehow connected to my place, and i go from there to another place, or simply fly away. Once i had a nice dream, i woke up at home, and decided to go outside, and for the first time, i went outside my place, and walked in the streets, that was a nice thing… exploring in dream the world i live in the waking world.