Where exactly do you draw the line...

…between lucid and non-lucid dreams?

I have persistently had dreams where I can control my actions to a very slight degree, I can think about my dream team and team projects where an event comes up relating to something I am currently working on.
This level of control and thinking is extremely low-level. It never goes much further as I lose track. Never in these dreams does my reality checks or thinking ever take me to the ‘A HA!, I must be dreaming’ stage.

I have had dreams in the past where I say to myself “this must be a dream” and can attempt to move beyond the realisation but as soon as I take action, I awake.

So what are these low-level control dreams?
Just normal dreams or very low level lucidity?

There seems to be many points of view out there in the www, some say it is lucid when you can control your dreams even though you are not aware it is a dream, some have strict guidelines about the ‘realisation’ being an essential part in determining whether it is lucid or not.

Confused LD newbie :content:

There are many grey areas in the dream world - and people have different opinions. I don’t see how you could “control” your dream if you’re not lucid - so IMO, being able to control the dream is a sign of lucidity. Often, like you say, people will wake up as soon as they have an LD - but they were technically lucid for a moment, which means they’re getting close to longer LDs.

Anyways, I would say that if you haven’t become lucid yet, you’ll know when you do. :wink:

If RF hasn’t been lucid yet? Is that an insult?!

Er, as long as you know you’re dreaming, I’d say you’re lucid. Anything else is just pre-lucid.

Thanks kindly sage.

I have been questioning myself over and over again, people from my dream team have been asking…are you sure you weren’t lucid? I think it is mainly that my recall has been improving 100X by joining a team of dreamers. I am pretty sure that when I do get to the ‘full-on’ lucid experience I will know. I have experienced ‘glimpses’ before, 2 or 3 times and I know the exhilirating feelings you get and the vivdness that carries on over into your waking life.

For now I am in denial…I will not regard myself as being lucid until I hit my first jackpot!

infection0…why would that be an insult?

R.F - what is this dream team you are talking about? Sounds like something I’d be interested in.

:peek: I better not get deleted for spammage.

You’ve probably heard of it, a few peoples from around here are in the dream teams. It’s just another forum where you are in a small team of about 5-8 people (there are 5 teams currently). You post your dreams in a ‘private’ forum where only your team members are able to read. Quite an interesting way to boost your dream skills. It’s actually fun! You should be ready to commit yourself to posting fairly regularly…update your dream journal at least 2-3 times a week if possible, comment on your other team members dreams and participate in forum or team dreaming projects.
Here is the intro to sea life as posted on LD4All.com
Intro… [community.ld4all.com/t/join-the-sea-life-community-includes-great-dream-teaams/7970/1)

Anyway, here’s what my dream did to me yesterday after posting in here…


It is the exact opposite, being lucid is when you are really aware of being in a dream. Having control is not needed, though it is naturally easier to control when being lucid :smile:

Personally i call my dream a ld, only if i fully understand that i am dreaming and it last more than a minute. I have way to many lucid moments, where you realize its a dream, but wake up 5 seconds after :neutral:

From my experience, I’ve never been in control of a dream when I wasn’t lucid, and I’ve never been lucid when I wasn’t in control. Control and lucidity go hand-in-hand for me. :neutral:

I would say that you wouldn’t be questioning it, if you were lucid. But as they say, if you can control your dream - and said to yourself “this is a dream” then there would be no question about it … you were lucid.

It’s true that lucidity doesn’t imply complete control, but in my experience it’s also possible to have a regular dream ‘disguise’ itself to be a lucid dream. For instance, 2 nights ago I dreamt I was talking to my friends about lucid dreaming, and half-way through the dream we started walking around bending physics and having fun with our new powers. Not once in the entire dream was I actually lucid.

For me it’s never a question of “Was I lucid or not?”. I can always tell when I was, simply because at the time I had the ability to think rationally about my state, and also consciously control myself in the dream. Regular dreams on the topic of lucidity can easily give you the wrong impression that you’ve just had an LD. Lucidity is a state of mind, not the topic of the dream.

Yes lucidity doesn’t always mean that you are in complete control.An excample of my lucid dream would be…

I’m walking outside a building.Everything changes and becomes beautiful all my surroundings.I have a vivid feeling and I feel excited cuz I know now that I’m lucid I can do whatever I wish to do.With the rush I’m feeling cuz for me I get a true rush like a feeling in my stomach.I stand still,still knowing I’m dreaming and thinking about my body that’s asleep.I look at the sky and see how beatiful it is and how is seems to look just like in reality.I walk around and I see a tree or a bush standing there…I put my hands through the bush and feel it.I don’t have any controle of my dreamscape cuz I’m really enjoing the moment and I’m thinking in myself when is this gonna end it seems like eternity and I’m just enjoing myself in the whole moment of lucidity.Slowly I feel like the feeling of lucidity is going away and I feel myself like slowly waking up. :cry:

You see it’s different I think you can be lucid and still not have control of your dreamscape.In my lucidity…Or let’s say high lucidity you know who you are in “reality”.You know that you’re dreaming and you have this rush going completely through your body and I have the freedom to do what I wish.I’ll agree with the other guy,when you become lucid you will know that you were lucid when you wake up. :cool_laugh:

Good luck getting Lucid,if you never stop trying you are guarenteed to succeed. :cool:

knowing that you are dreaming, does not mean that you are lucid. I would say it like this:

Knowing that you are dreaming, means that you dream of having a lucid dream.

Knowing that you know that you are dreaming, means that you are really lucid!


I think that the definition is not just to know that you are dreaming, but to understand that the world as you know it is a simulation of some reality and that in the real reality you are asleep.

I think you will know when you have your first high level LD even if it is just a couple of seconds long. Perhaps you’re already skilled enough at it to keep from waking, like i do all the time.

Okay, I haven’t read any of the posts yet, but it’s pretty standard to just draw the line between the “1” dot and the “2” dot. The next line goes between “2” and “3” and so on. When you’re done you should have a nice picture of a bear riding a bicylcle or something like that. :wink:

The ,ost common definition says -its being aware you`re dreaming while you dreaming.
I dont know if its complicated,never had a problem with it.
There are dreams that you think it might be a dream and they are usually called prelucid.Following reality check should turn them into lucid.
Take care

I agree with you. Though you might be so sure it’s a dream before you do the reality check. In my latest LD the check failed but I was so convinced of it being a dream that I tried another one, passing through the wall and that worked… How does Laberge define them… I’ll have to try and read that…

Well of course,forgot to mention it.Some lds are the way that you know you`re dreaming without even checking.It varies from dream to dream and person to person.in my case i.e i just know im dreaming without the need of performing rc.Its just a certain feeling,very hard to describe
take care