Where is the dreamscape

Where/ What is the dreamscape

  • Your unconciouss
  • An other planet
  • An astral plane
  • In your memory

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The first in a row of polls to understand the beliefs of other dreamers.
Please explain your vote!

I believe everyone’s dreamscape is a very small fragment on a vast dreamplane. When these fragments collide and become mixed up, a shared dream might result.
The dreamplane is not really an astral plane, which I chose in the poll, because dreamplanes vibrate at a lower frequency, thus they’re lower than astral planes. Perhaps even lower than the level of waking life.

Imo ofcourse :content:

I voted wrong :silent: I meant to chose and say the same thing as mystic

My unconciouss.
The brain is able to come up with so many ideas, hallucinations and so on. We pick up so much information from pictures etc. So, the dreamscape is unconsciously picked-up information. As far as I remember, I’ve never dreamt about the desert, rainforest or other climates I’ve never been to.

I chose “astral plane.”

I don’t think of this as an actual place, but rather a plane of existence that doesn’t conform to our physical laws. I also think of it as creation of the unconscious and memory. :wink: so I had to choose astral plane! ;-p

Like mystic touched on, I just think of it as tuned to another frequency.

chose astral but i think mystic is totaly right, it is a mix of out own sub c and the astral word that bring about the dream world, i belive that is why shared dreaming is somthing that we really can do

Hm, I don’t agree…

I think it’s in your uncontious… not in your memory, I think you can access yuor memory in a dream in exactly the same way as in waking life. I have never felt one with my memory…

Greets Thor

P.S #lucidlab

I agree with DA and Mystic…i see it as a step up on the ladder.With many other planes ahead.

My vote was “Unconsciouss” but it could have been “Memory”.
My opinion is that the dreamscape is an illusion ( it is not a “plane” ). It could be empty but it is not because of the impact and trauma of all the experiences we have done in our life. It is full of images related with our emotions and thoughts, and these relations are mostly unconscious. The combinations are provided by the unconscious, but the material come from our memory.

i voted ‘astral plane’ - but i agree with basilus west - your dreams are impacted by your experiences.

in this ‘dreamplane’ you create your experiences, but since you create so much subconsciously you experience that in your dream.

when you become aware you are dreaming you also can focus your thoughts and create other experiences - rather than living the experience your subconscious mind creates for you.

I chose ‘your unconscious’ but I don’t think it’s necessarily my unconscious “working” alone

I chose unconscious.
But I also think that the astral plane also affects everyones dreams too.

I chose ‘astral plane’. I agree with DreamAddict.

I chose “unconscious”. That doesn’t mean people’s subconscious can’t be connected to each other in some deeper way.

Astral Plane, because well yeah I just do. :smile:

Also our dreamscapes are influenced by our memories and thoughts, I mean if you believe in astral projection which is your body being projected in a dream world, then wouldn’t your memories and thoughts also be projected?..

i would say the its anouther plane of exsistence. i mean, you get paralyed by chemical in your brain so actually don’t ACT OUT your dreams and too top it all off in REM sleep, your eyes dart side to side watching the dream unfold. Its like you really there, but your not. So i would say a dream i actually anouther plain of actual life. whoo! talked way more than i thought i would! :content:

I like to think in dimensions… and in my head simply stack them on top of eachother so you can navigate through them… so every though… place… time or anything else would have it’s own coordinates on each plane.
I use the same thing for dreams/subconcious. Personally I’d stack this one in the memory dimension. This also makes it a lot easier to deal with things… because memory is hardware based (yup your brain is hardware :content:) so there’s no shared space and so no shared dreaming, which goes along with the proof we see (so far… not saying that’s never gonna change) IRL.
It would be neat though to have a shared dream plane/sheet/dimension. That way you could in theory draw a map and visit others.

Well from my xperience…i say unconscious. (maybe unconscious memory xD)
But what do we mean by uncoscious ? I think we can visit places where we have never been, but that does not mean that its on astral plane. Maybe our mind can somehow gain information from how the place looks like in RL and transfer it into dream… -my theory-

Really hard to answer, I subscribe to the philosophy that we are this kind of consciousness that experiences things that is separate from the flesh and electricity, like when I’m drunk, that awareness is still the same, it’s the body that’s changed.

So in this context it is very much the same apart from the fact that the surrounding is created by the body, surely, because where else would my memories possibly be? I think it is the awareness, the consciousness that is the mysterious part to me.

Im voting for the unconscious too :cool_raz: because we are not conscious when we are dreaming, and our peoples SC’s can communicate with other peoples SC I believe :tongue: