Where is the official WILD technique description?

I’ve been looking everywhere… even in the big WILD topic and there seems to be no accurate description of how to perform the WILD technique. Can someone hook me up?

The two main places I’ve seen a description are on the LD4ALL “Dream Guide”:
ld4all.com/guide.html -> Go to the “How” Menu and then WILD

and on the Dreamviews site:
dreamviews.com/community/sho … php?t=1886

If you need more information, you can look at the Lucid Dreaming Wikibook as well.
Best of luck!

thanks :smile:

Here try this dailydeluge.com/2007/03/19/the-f … s-of-wild/

From the dreaming to infinity blog, its a good 5 step process by Seeker.

Bear in mind, there are tones of different WILD techniques floating around the internet; you’ve got to find one that works for you.