where is zero.... a cool coincidence

today i noticed a strange coincidence. how many times would you exspect to hear the words… “Where is zero” well i heard it three times in one week, and i heard it twice today. i wrote a song with… “where is zero”, and today on the comic strip Beatle bailey. the sarge asked… “where is zero” refering to the charecter Zero, allsoo today i watched the Si fi movie “Ten man” and there is allso a charecter called zero, and the ten man asked… where is zero? I just thought it was really strange to hear something so random three times in one week. what are the chances. someone must be tryinhg to get my attention. this one is going in my coincidence journal. i wonder if it could mean something. i mean its just such a random, and rare saying, and to hear it twice in a day, and three times in the same week

probably just a coincidence or maybe

I noticed too, several times in my life, that some phrases, some fads, come in bunches, and you get to hear them several times in a short period. I got over it, thinking it was mainly a coincidence: since the brain pretty much stores most of the info we percieve during the day (at least for some days), some repetition is bound to happen, and the brain answers with more vehemece when the same event is experienced a second time, or a third, in a short time span. So, you are now actively looking for more coincidences, and the belief reinforces itself this way.
The most memorable of my examples would be the number 25, in high school times. It was truly all over the place, for two months or so, came close to an obsession, we even turned it into a recurring joke with my best friend.

“Where is zero” sounds like one of those buddhist questions.

Tosxychor theory makes sense, but I can’t stop feeling there’s more to coincidence than we can explain rationally. Would love to see your coincidence journal, Kava.

Just having fun with that question on FaceBook :happy:

Sounds like a Discordian meme IMO…

All these random coincidences makes me think… that they aren’t really coincidences, that something paranormal caused them, perhaps destiny.

I mean so much random happens in everyones life, it’s just way too low change that everything is a coincidence.

Something similar happens to me.

Every time I hear a new word (a word that is new To ME), even though I have never heard it before, I start hearing it again and again.

And many times.Always.And then after some time, it stops again.
I always thought it was weird.But I don’t believe it’s something significant.

I think your only noticing it because your convinceing yourself it’s happening a lot. Something unusual could happen to you 40 times a day, but if you don’t notice it, it’s not a coinceidence.

Basically what I’m saying is it’s only a coincidence if you want to it be.

if it is more then a coincidence, and something like a spirit guid trying to communicate. ive never understood, and i dont have the energy(or the weed) to analize these coincidences to see the bigger picture. i do have some pretty amazing coincidences in my journal. one is the most mind blowing, and that one was two people with the same name were arrested on the same month, and day exsacly one year apart at the same place for the same violation. this happned where i work. the “wheres zero” is my secound favorite. if you look, and record coincidences you will notice some wild ones, just be more aware. this allso may help with lds, and DR, it is sommewhat a lucid living think, and i allso believe it strengthens you psychic awarness. maybie there is something spiritual to “coincidences” if we want it to be. maybie its part of a puzzle, or maybie its just your SG saying hello, and reminding us to stay on track, and that we are never alone.

About the folks arrested, it could be the same crime. It makes sense - same name, place and time. You wouldn’t believe how many people are wrongfully convicted because their names match the name of the true criminal.

Not to say I don’t share your view about coincidences. Somethings they are “all right, just a coincidence”, others - no matter how insignificant - just FEEL weird.

I read the other day that some of this stuff may not be your SG 's doing, but some negative entity trying to manipulate you, as a SG would, but with evil intentions. Not sure I believe that, but the bottom line is: trust your guts/heart, maybe not all of this is meant to be followed.

it wasnt a mistake they were both arrested for traffic violations, and had the same first name, one was arrested on a thursday before memroial day in 2006, and the other was arrested on a thussday before memroial day in 2007. hard to believe, but it realy did happen

“Where is Zero” is a question that would make a lot of sense for me to keep hearing, because in my Dream World I have an entire class of DC called “Zero’s”, so I’m really envy of you for hearing in RL what I pray to hear every day ^^

That happens to me too.

Like when I was in about 4th grade, I learned what the word “don” meant, and I heard it all over the place for about a month.

I think the problem with this sort of phenomena is the undefined and loose nature of it. I’ve observed it happening, I’ve seen numbers I deemed to be unique to me, appearing in strange ways, I’d cash up a till and see 73 about 4-5 times in one cash-up. Then driving home, the number of cars in car parks (On electronic signs) would read 37 and 737. The problem is, it’s defined as strange, after it has occurred. Maybe there is something to them, maybe not. Personally I choose to accept both possibilities, but for different reasons.

I accept a somewhat scientific view, it’s our mind drawing attention to a pattern which it has sifted out from the phenomenal amount of data we see everyday. Nothing more than a coincidence, that the pattern matching (Something I feel is important in our minds) part of our brain lights up like a beacon. I accept this because it’s logical and rational, it would be weak to say, this is wrong, because it feels like it’s something more. If I go looking at true random data, sooner or later I will see a pattern of numbers that mean something to me. Our minds are excellent at this, catching and raising data relevant to us and dumping static which is of no interest.

I accept it might be something more, I smile knowingly, and remember my own spiritual beliefs. I wonder if something is trying to communicate with me. I try to recentre myself, and think if I’m doing something that feels discordant with my beliefs, or if I could do something more. I do this because it’s nice to, maybe I’m just clutching at straws, but so what? They are my straws. :lol: I neither want or need confirmation with others for what I disbelieve, entertain or choose to believe, they are my beliefs they shape me, and in the end, that’s all that really matters to me. A belief in my opinion is not provable, but it’s part of you and it’s effects are very real. Why not let them be positive?

Those are just my thoughts on the subject. Also why I would never try to use them as a justification for my beliefs.

I think I have the scientific approach to this idea of coincidence.

We all create our own realities, and I think that this is why we often see familiar things, or coincidences.

I disagree on some things. Most the time coincidences are just what they are, coincidences. I have doubts that it is something spiritual, or from God.

For numbers, for example, I just believe it to be a lucky or re-occuring number.