[Where?] Software/screensaver with light flashes

hey, do any of u guys know a software or screensaver were u see light flashes after a time, so when i sleep i turn my laptop on and like after 2 hours the flashes start so i can become lucid by seeing the flashes in my dream.

Moved from Quest to Pathways, since it is about software to aid getting lucid. :dragon:

I’m not sure that a laptop beside your bed can be bright enough to be noticed within your dreams. There are do-it-yourself dream-goggles that you could build with an old pair of skiing glasses, a couple of leds and the serial port of your computer.

This works because the leds shine directly at your eyelids.

But if you don’t feel like building something like this, maybe an audio approach would be better. You could use the laptop to play a couple of beeps within a certain interval during your REM-cycle.

I havn’t tried any of the above, but you could always search the forum for similar topics I guess.