Where were you on the night of July the 14th?

Were you here? At the bottom of the forum index, it shows you how many people are online the site. Usually it’s around five people. But it also says that on July the 14th, there were a mind-boggling 31 people online–simultaneously! Does anyone remember that?

hmm… perhaps this was after a the server was down?

I was having a lucid dream :content:

(This equates to 3.42am GMT and according to my DJ I was having an LD about that time).

Today I seen that 9 people were online simultaneously. I don’t remember being present during the 31! Perhaps it was after the server was down and everyone was getting their “fix.” I wonder when we will break this record … and I know we will. :grin: :smile:

Yes we did! I noticed just now that we have reached 32! :happy:

I have no idea where I was on July 14th… I can only remember three things: Yesterday, today and tomorrow! :happy:

lol ! how can u ‘remember’ ToMmoRRow ? look:

Venture a guess… bwahah :wink: