Where you sleep and LD's

I’ve seen alot of things here, but nothing about where you sleep and how it affects lucid dreams.

I’ve taken to sleeping out on a hammock on nice nights and the sleeping experiene is so much different than a bed. The soft rocking motion is relaxing, the fresh air and scent of trees, the occasional breeze and being able to see the stars is amazing.
Don’t get me wrong, it took plenty of getting used to. I also heard people in the neigborhood and cars, lights and heard airplanes and helicopters over my head. On cold nights I end up hiding myself deep into my sleeping bag because the wind gets under you as well as on the sides and over.

I’ve also done Campouts in tents, slept in sleeping bags, on a trampoline once, my family travels much so sleeping in other beds or mattresses or on the floor isn’t a problem.

So My question is, how does sleeping in places other than your bed affect your dreams?

I have had some of my most memorable lucid dreams on night trains :cool: The motion and noise puts me into a light half-sleep state instead of normal sleep, and it is very easy to WILD from that. Actually, noise or music when i am extremely sleepy is a good way to get more HI than usually. This is probably just as individual as any other aspect of lucid dreaming, though.

never been on night trains, but i would imagine its like a long car trip going by motion, though the car trips are probably quieter. Funny thing about that is that as soon as the car stops I’m awake. theres something in that motion that just luls you to sleep.

It’s not always the motion either. I find that when it’s raining I have the best LD’s. I think it’s because the rain on the roof of my house creates a sort of dull roar which I find very soothing. It also gives you something to remind you of RL since you might hear the rain in the background or feel the motion of the car in your sleep.

In Puerto Rico that applies; it really is nice. When it rains I will refuse to turn on the air conditioners and just sleep with the windows open. Especially some buildings with metal roofs are great for that.

I’m sure my mom has talked about better dreams in rain too, now that I think about it. at that point however, I wasn’t keeping track of dreams yet.

The next nights, i will sleep in a place with drier air than i have ever visited before. When the air turns humid and it starts to rain while i sleep, i usually get especially good dreams. The bed will also be different of course, i will keep a dj and see if there is any noticeable difference :cool:

Maybe even the kind of bed you sleep on affects dreams. What if you don’t have to go far for it?

I was sick the other day and slept on a different, more comfortable bed, and I realized hypnogoia was so much stronger, alot clearer. I managed to keep my mind awake all through it, and while I can’t say I had a fully lucid dream, I managed to get myself in a state of “asleep and awake” my body asleep but my mind aware of everything going on around me and in the house. When I did sleep, it was deep and restfull, better than most sleep.

I hadn’t really noticed before though (we travel alot and end up on mattreses, sleeping bags, ect) any thoughts?