which technique at bedtime?

ok, I can’t seem to think of which technique would be the best to do at bedtime.

WILD is almost impossible to start at night.
MILD is best with WBTB, or in early morning.
I don’t know much about VILD or the other techniques.

Just wondering, cause I’m in bloody school, and I can’t usually practice WBTB. Replies are awesome :grin:

I can sympathize with you, I’m in school too, and what works for me is doing a really short WBTB and then MILD.

Just wake up two or so hours before you actually need to wake up, and really be aware of the fact that you’re awake. That’s the important part. Then go back to sleep. It takes 5 minutes tops. Of course there are thousands of variations. Just a suggestion :wink:

hmm, that’s actually a really sound idea. I may just incorporate that into my system. thanks Habanero :content:

Try the NID method!

interesting, I’ll have to learn more about this.
thanks for the idea :content:

I do occasionally get LDs in first REM cycle. The disadvantage is these tend to be shorter then dreams towards end of night.

Autosuggestion and MILD can help.

I find this most likely to happen for me if I meditate and directly into a deep sleep mode. I will wake up after an hour spontaneously. I don’t get out of bed just go back into regular sleep and then often I become lucid.

It really depends on the person–what works best for you, ya know? :smile:

On a school schedule, I used a lot of WILDs, and just relied on DILDs whenever I was too tired to fool with WILD :yes:

I’d say, at least give WILD a try if you haven’t already–but really it’s just experimenting to see what works best for you :wink:

Since it’s difficult to fall asleep quickly when you first go to bed, and given the fact that your first REM cycle will not be that long, autosuggestion is probably the best thing you could do. The, supplement it later in the night by trying WILD or MILD :smile: