Which technique worked best for you?

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to lucid dream, but I still don’t know which technique to use. I was just wondering which technique worked best.
Thanks! :smile:

Well, I personally still prefer the WBTB - method, it gives me fast results, thats quite awesome. I know WILD is better for some because it’s easier to control but I am concentrating on DILD and WBTB anyways - at the moment, at least.

I would suggest you to try the WBTB method, too, especially if youre new to the whole thing.

I’ve only gotten close to it with WILD. I don’t have the time for more elaborate methods, nor would I be able to pull them off.

I have no HI, but I am far too forgetful and unaware to do anything but WILD. I couldn’t realize I’m dreaming or successfully use a mantra in a million years. The SP you get prior to it really signals you and prepares to get into the dream too.

Besides the random DILD’s and a few successful WILD attemps, I have lots of success with DEILD (a.k.a. Chaining). It is a simplified WILD technique. And since I sometimes wake up in SP state (especially after a DILD), it works wonders.

What about the old hag? I’ve experienced that before, and it freaked me out. Do any of those lead to it?

Do you mean SP? Well, with time and experience, you should learn to stay calm and use it to get LD’s. Usually SP is a result of the WILD technique. SP can be also experienced randomly after waking up, but it should go away in a few seconds. I’ve learned to enjoy it. Maybe the reason why many people fear it is the fear of the unknown, but it is, in fact, a natural function of the human body, which happens during every REM state.

It’s different for every person. I haven’t tried all yet but I tried that one when you repeat a sentence and for me, it works best to remember the dreams. I’ve also tried WBTB, but it didn’t work very well because I couldn’t sleep later… I think you should try different techniques to find which one who fits you. :content: