White Blank Space in Dreams

I’m just curious (even though this does reveal a secret dream again), has anyone ever dreamed of yourself but you’re looking into a deep space of Whiteness? like everything is Blank?

I sometimes get dreams of myself floating in space. Instead of space being black with stars, it’s the opposite. It’s white. It’s like whiteness everywhere. The best example I can give can come from the movie, The Matrix. It’s when Neo goes into the Matrix to upload programs. It’s the scene where Morphious shows Neo the truth of the future and real world as they are surrounded by whiteness. It’s like a blank space.

I guess another way of describing could be you feel like your in a cloud, or Heaven like afterlife or something. Or… How about this. You see nothing. Absolutely nothing (nothing but whiteness everywhere), but you are dreaming that you are there.

Mysterious things happen to me while I’m there, whether I’m walking, flying, or just floating in this blank (white) space. I didn’t know if anyone had a similiar experience.

Oh :happy: I’ve had a similar experience :yes: I was falling in white space and :uh: I think Wolf was in it :unsure:

I think it’s just my subconscious being lazy :roll:

I had this just once, but I wasn’t drifting. There was a floor, and I could feel it beneath my feet. It didn’t last long, however, because soon I discovered I could make things out of the whiteness, and made myself a little cabin with weird furniture. :razz:

That’s where I go to construct my dreamscapes as well as where I went to construct my two existing DreamWorlds. :content: I think the blank-white void’s a cool place for dreams.

It’s very mystical, the white void. A lot of strange stuff has happened to me there. I can create anything there or just about do anything, even spiritually. To me it’s a place to know well enough it’s dream, but still be able to dream. Lucid dream.

Hey cool! I had this same thing happen to me, and i posted it in the First Steps to Lucidity sub-forum when I got here a couple of days ago.

[Lack of important details)

It’s a very weird experience!

I have had several dreams of the black void and one or two of the white cloud.

In one of the white dreams, I realized I was asleep and managed to start a lucid dream.

White void? Interesting. Were you sleeping in daytime when you foudn yourself there or were you having lights on?

No lights. I keep my bedroom fairly dark.
One white cloud dream was around 6:30 am.

I find that sometimes waking life sounds penetrate into my dream world. But I haven’t found light or darkness from waking life affecting my dreams.

It has nothing to do with real life influences. In my case, the white void was just another part of the dream that carried on from an earlier scene - just an ordinary dream, except that the scenery was replaced by whiteness. It “felt” exactly the same as usual, if that makes any sense.

Thank you for sharing. I have had a somewhat similar experience. In 2016 my nonna passed away at 92. I asked for a sign of her well-being soon after, and about a week later I had a dream in a giant, bright white void, similar to the setting you describe. She was across from me and we had a conversation. I don’t know what we talked about, but it brought me peace.