White spots on my laptop monitor.

On my monitor are a total of 2 small white colored dots that appear in a dark background. There is also a multicolored one that appears only in a dark background also. It is rather annoying seeing them whenever something dark is on the screen.

Any way to fix this, short of taking my laptop apart or going to the store and paying loads of money only to hear that it’ll take a month until they get around to it? (Yes that happened to me and it was the longest month ever!)

Probably dead pixels.

As Panik said, those are known as “dead pixels.” All LCD displays are prone to developing these over time, and often they’re present straight off the assembly line. It’s just a flaw in the technology, and one that’s particularly annoying. For the most part, unfortunately, you can’t fix them yourself. You can have them repaired by sending the device back to the manufacturer, but unless it’s under warranty, it probably won’t be worth the cost.

In rare cases, they have been known to fix themselves, so maybe you’ll get lucky.

Is it a Powerbook? This seems to be a common problem. Here’s a link to an article about it:

news.com.com/2100-1044_3-5100571 … g=nefd_top

I would suggest contacting Apple and trying to get them to replace it.