who are naturaly good LD'rs?

just thought of this; i had a dream this night in wich i was aware that i could do anything but i wasnt aware that it was just was a dream!
so i feel kindof stupid not understanding that is was a dream
…so if you are a logical person does it mean you more easely can figure out that its just a dream?
but i think of myself as fairly logical, but im naturaly BAD at LD’s :smile:
so all of you naturals, are you very logical in your waking life?

and also, anyone here tried to do some maths in a LD? i wanted to but it havnt yet come into my mind when lucid. i mean doing it for getting your logical part of your brain more active and therefor a more lucid dream, it sounds logical to me, but then again i just might not be so logical…is that logical? ehm…ok ill stop here…

Nah, I don’t think logic abilities above average make you a better LDer. It’s just a bunch of neurochemicals in our brain making it easier or less easier to be conscious during dreams. This makes some people more talented than others, but the exact neurochemical reason why some people are “naturals” and others can’t even have an LD after months or even years of trying will only be known with in-depth scientific brain-research. However, brain researchers don’t really care about lucid dreaming at the moment…

Of all the young people here, nobody interested in becoming a brain researcher :grin: ?

Hey Mindexplorer,

The thing you experienced is something I’ve researched some time ago. I call this type of dream a Unaware Lucid Dream (ULD) Might be a strange name but I cannot think of any better names.
In a ULD you can do the exact same things as in an LD but the big difference is that you are not aware that your’e dreaming. You think its real and thus you act like it is reality.
Sometimes it’ll cause you to realise you are dreaming because you think its real, and think like you are awake. So if you see a cow flying, you might do a RC to check if you’re dreaming.

I think that a ULD is a near LD, you are more awake, but not LDing yet, the more ULDs you have the more chance that you will LD as a result of this state.



I thought about that for a while and been asking naturals.From what i learned i guess they do have some character features but i wont be logic for sure.
Actually its quite opposite.Many of them reported they have some artistic talents/interests-writing poetry,drawing,painting…kind of “more” sensibile people.I hope u know what i mean.
Guess its got to do with higher imagination than average and the way they see the world around.
hope it helps
good luck:)

I’m a natural lder. Yes, I love to paint, draw, etc. I’m a very creativy person. I have been lucid dreaming since I was a kid before I even know what lucidity meant.

Yes you’re right, Jack… it seems that natural LDers are into creativy world. :shrug:

mindexplorer, it’s nice to meet you. Anyways, doing some math logics in your dream can INCREASE your lucidity because you use both of your brain and it is forced to increase your awareness. Also for natural lders… they intend to use creativy side more than logic side.

Hope it is helpful to you…

Lieve dromen! (Sweet dreams!)

Doing maths in non-lucid dreams is totally un-logical. It’s not even math, it’s just numbers, weird rules and equations that don’t make sense. Feels good to know my subcounsious understands what my counsious is doing when im studying :eh: :wink:

I have not had any lucid dreams longer than 10 secs, but if i ever become better at this i will have doing maths as one of the things to try out. Would be interesting to do an experiment where you make a random equation (something simple) that you don’t solve until you are in your LD. When you wake up you solve it in real life and compare the results.

Yea me too i keep dreaming that i kno that i am dreaming but couldn’t stop and look for things to do. I just dream that i am looking for signs of dreaming.

I think this part improves after experience… In beginning i was pretty bad myself, only turned lucid by doing reality checks and such.
Now i usually dont need to do any reality checks at all, you just learn how it “feels” to be in a dream after you have had some of them.

And math i have tried in a lucid dream, i seem to have the same math skills there as when i am awake, which is fairly limited am i affraid…
But i guess doing math will help you to stay lucid atleast.

No, I don’t think being logical or particularly creative has much to do with retaining a natural ability to lucid dream.

At a young age, almost everyone has the ability to LD with relative ease. Most of us just seem to forget about it, and we develop a different, more automatic sleeping routine. Years later, it’s no surprise that it takes effort and persistence to bring the ability back.

I wouldn’t say naturals are any different to other people. They just never let go of this skill like we all did.

Atheist, I have to agree with you. I believe that everyone are a natural, but they forgot their abilities because that’s way our world is. THey’re not very accepting to the abilities that we naturally already have especially in LDing and pyschic-related abilities. If the world is open and accepting, we all would have advanced abilities by now.

We can change that. :smile: Practice, be persistance, and just do it! :grin: I wish you the best journey again and lieve dromen (sweet dreams)!

I would like to believe that anyone is a natural but just forgot the skills. I, for my part, was never conscious in a dream until I had an amazing spontaneous LD when I was 20. I remember a lot about my youth, and I remember I was absolutely not skilled in dreamland. My idea is that lucid dreaming is partly something you can develop by training and partly a talent. Everyone has a different brain and some brains are better for LDs than others. Like so many other talents it’s like a “Gauss curve”, a few people with extraordinary talents, most people with average talents and then a few who will never make it. I think I am somewhere in the middle, which means I will only have succes when I train myself but then at least I have success - and contentment :content: .

The comparison I like most is the one LaBerge made with language. Some people learn languages very fast and have so much talent they become writers or poets. Most people will be able to able to function in society but only if they really practice a lot of writing they can transcend the average. And then the few with real language difficulties. Just the same with lucid dreaming. Is this bad? No, because reality is what it is and those who just don’t manage to get an LD after months or years of trying will know it’s not their “failure” instead of feeling guilty because everybody keeps saying “anything is possible for anyone” - then why not for them.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, maybe research will reveal anyone can become a super duper LD-hero… but I doubt it. It’s undeniable that there are naturals, average LDers and people who just don’t seem to get it. So I don’t see why lucid dreaming would be different from all those other talents and skills that follow exactly the same pattern.

thanks for all the replies, intresting…
but i fear that at the time there are really much sciense made on ld’s and such there will be a “computer-game” you jack into as in matrix, so then ppl would do that instead…
I have to agree with atheist on this one, that theory make sence…