who are you people???

hey everyone. my name is chris and i have been intrigued with lucid dreaming for around a year now…only had one half ld. but i know i can have one if i try alittle more consistantly. but i just want to know - what kind of people are lucid dreamers? are you all normal people that just so happen to want to explore your minds or maybe are you alittle out of the ordinary?(which is not a bad thing at all). i came across ld’ing while i was deployed (air force) to saudia rabia. NOTHING to do for three months there except keeping the jets in the air. overheard someone talking about ld’ing and researched it on the net. learned how to recall my dreams almost every night. just have some catching up to do on lucidity. i can’t talk about it to anyone, anywhere…except here. everyone thinks it’s rediculous due to their distractions from everyday life. anyone?..

Hi, welcome to the forum

Hehe, that sounds like a paradox :wink:

Anyway, if you can read a bit in the “shake hand with everybody” thread in the beginners forum.
I consider myself not as normal (I think noone would), but I still go to schools, partys, got friends that have nothing to do with dreams.


I like to consider myself as far from normal as possible. :cool_laugh:

I would say the people around here are generally of a higher awareness and intelligence. People that think for themselves alot more than most people do. It doesn’t mean that they (we) are wierd or anything, just are a little more open-minded than your average human. :smile:

At least that’s the way it seems to me.

Hey! Welcome to the forums. I would say that lucid dreaming isnt abnormal at all. Its one of the greatest experiences you can have in your life and lots of fun. I am a pretty normal person. I go to college, play on their golf team, and have a good group of friends. The only thing not normal is I probably spend a lot more time on the internet than most people do, but I think more and more people are spending more time on it every day. Well good luck with the LDing. :cheesy:


I got the impression that their are a lot of hippies on this forum…

I hear you :shy: “I can leave out of my body with maryjane and I hope I find back to my physical body, man!”

I’m a somewhat normal, somewhat abnormal, openminded person, who could be described as slightly hippy-ish. So the rest of you got it all covered. :smile:

im kinda abnormal but i go to skool, parties, i have friends who know nothing about lucidity and think im krazy when i try to tell them about it…which is really annoying kuz its kinda like eating the best ice kream ever…and trying to get a friend to try it, but they are jus to stubborn to…kinda aggrivating so i stopped talking to them about it…aktually this is the only place where i kan talk lucidity and not get blank konfused looks

im kinda interested in odd stuff like ghosts the unexplained and i think lucid dreaming kinda ties into that so im very interested about it. so no im not all that normal and im not a hippy.i also like to breakdance i like anime and i draw.i mean does any one truly no wut normal is?normal is wut ever u think it is. :grin:

thanks for you all replying so soon. didnt expect that. hippies huh? hehe, thought you guys were extinct. it’s nice to hear that there is such a variety of peeps in here. guess we all got our own thing goin, yet alot in common. i’m trying not to let all this crap with iraq and n.korea distract me too much…considering i am and will be right in the middle of it all. thanks again for the replies.

Hail :smile:

Am I normal? thinks to himself Nope…Ive always been into the “weird” things. Ghosts,Dreams,psychic’s,the unexplained on unknown…Oh and i also enjow building explosives…I live normal…few really know me…including my close cuz…i dont talk about those kinds of things to them…unless i want to scared them at parties …hehehe

i’m pretty much normal, and yea there is a HUGE viraity(sp?) of ppl on these fourms, young, old, weird, um un-weird, and well u know how ppl can differ…
what i really like here is that jus bout everyone is very profound but also has a great sense of humor :mrgreen_hat:

im normal as it gets.

isn’t there a point when being 100% totally average gets a little weird? That thats either a parodox or jus irony but im too tired to tell…
PS screwknocker: Also check out the chat section :grin:

These responses alone should give you an indication that all kinds of people have successfully been able to put aside their differences here to acheive a common goal. I guess the nature of the topic tends to attract a lot of people who genuinly share an interest in exploring the endless possibilities of the subconscious mind, regardless of age difference or religious beliefs.

I hope everyone who finds the time to participate in this forum can honestly say that they got something out of it. I’ve had passing interests before, but lucid dreaming is certainly something I intend to build into my life, where ever I go from here.

Enjoy your stay Chris - I hope everything works out in your current situation.

Atheist, I totally agree.
I’m a college student, and I organized an informal class discussion on LDs, and I was amazed at how willing people are to talk about their dreams. Like in an English class there are always some people who are shy, or afraid to give the wrong answer. Dreaming has some great qualitites- it’s something everyone knows and can talk about, and something a lot of people aren’t afraid to talk about, especially when they feel like what they dream about is sort of “out of their control.”

i’m pretty normal i think. i have normal friends and family and hobbies and i go to normal school… actually my life seems to be so incredebly normal, that it’s really close to boring… lol…

though, i’ve always liked all the wierd things. like when i was 7, witch is not much, we had to do these story-things in school. well, everyone else wrote it about dogs & flowers etc., and i wrote it about vampires. the teacher got scared… well, i was a wierd kid… but now i’m normal… :grin:

maybe saddleback you’re right, but for example i dont feel comfortable about telling my dreams around. it’s somehow too private… i mean to the people i know, it’s different with you guys. i think my family is the reason for that. they always laugh at me when i write my dream diary or do something else like that… that’s why it’s not possible for me to meditate eather etc. but, i’ve notced, that my friends tell me all the time their dreams. they really like it. and i hate it when they do it. oh, wierd me.