Who here has seen dragons?

Well… for me, dragons are much more personal because many of my characters are dragon-like, I often refer to them as such in my head… so perhaps you should make it personal too. Perhaps make an ideal dragon and learn about him/her while you are awake, name, histories, relatives, looks, personalities, ect…then try to summon him/her once you are asleep. Or even a lil’ hatchling. If you know them well enough in your head while you’re awake, it should work summoning them in a lucid. It does for me at least. I have summoned a few of my own characters, and getting one of them as a dragon doesn’t seem too hard… just cause I’m so used to the idea, I suppose…

oh well, just a thought.

I have one reoccuring Dragon in my dreams, Lazer (a full grown Black Dragon).

I met him a while ago in the woods in a ND. I called him for no real reason (Didn’t even know if anything would come). But he came and I’ve seen him several times in LD’s since. He doesn’t talk much, but he loves to let me ride him all over the place :razz:
Although I would like to fly with hatchling Red as a half-dragon :tongue:

I had a dream the other night where i was snow boarding high up on this froest covered mountian and i was being towed through the froset by this sunburn ( don’t know how to describe the colour ) dragon it was wicked. :grin: And when we stopped i ticked its belly :tongue: and it wagged its tail and had its tonge out like a dog so cool man :cool:

I’ve seen a couple of dragons. A few of your average fire-breathing dragons and some snake-like dragons in a sea of sand.

I prefer other mythical creatures. I rode a unicorn a couple of times. And last night I had a shapeshifter with me. It was a horse at first, but because horses can’t enter buildings it changed into a small dog. The DCs in the building were hostile, so it grew, until it was as big as a pony.

I’ve seen some, created/summoned one and transformed into many.

They are mostly Western dragons, but some of them have Eastern type elements.

And I once met (in a ND) Volvagia from Zelda…he killed me. :grin:

I just summoned two dragons in my latest LD (which was this morning). One was dark red, the other one looked like it was made out of stone. O_o I’m not sure if he just looked “stony”, or if he was actually made out of stone… I created him out of stone as it was the material closest to me… lol. The dark red one was bigger than the stone one, the stone one was more “narrow”, but very cool-looking nonetheless.

I’m glad and thankful, it seems like I’m having more success with the dragon thing now, compared to before… :content:

In one of my ND’s I was given 7 hatchling dragons to care for, one for each of my siblings and I. They were slate grey, about 4 ft long including the tail, had a 4 1\2 ft wingspan, and had a telepathic link to me, but it was one-sided. I could hear whatever they said to me, but I could only communicate through voice. It was heck to try and keep them safe through our journey. More than once I almost lost one of them to hostile townsfolk or wildlife. One incident involved a villager with a sweet pastry in his hand and a spear behind his back trying to coax one of the dragonets to him. I was a block or so away, but could “see” what was happening through our telepathy. I was running as fast as I could and shouting at the little dragonet to “Get away from him!” It was close, but it heard me before it got within range of the spear. I woke up before we could reach our hometown, but at least all seven were alive and well when it happened.

One of my goals for once I get another LD is to find those little dragonets again and make sure that they’re all safe and sound. The talent they had for getting into trouble was staggering, and I became rather attached to them during the journey.

Does killing one in D&D count?

Meh, I suppose that riding/meeting dragons in LDs would be pretty cool. Not sure why that would be one of the first things you would try to accomplish with Lucidity, but hey what do I know? :wink:

Haha. Your hamster is funny. :grin:

About the dragon. That’s a splendid idea! I’ll be a dragon rider just like in Eragon (not that good movie - but nice to do :content: ).

I’ve ridden on a dragon once before, it took me 3 lds to finally make it work though, so just keep trying.

What were the problems then?

I’ve turned into one (see DJ) and seen a grey eastern dragon. Forgot the dream when I woke up. =P

I never thought of Dragons, that’s now on my list of goals. My first goal is still to visit R’lyeh, maybe I could fly a dragon over there.

I quite often see a Dragon in my HI as I’m Meditating or falling asleep. It’s male I think and Green. Mostly it just comes in and out of frame, chasing across whatever scape is occuring at the time. :happy:

He seems benevolent, that is I don’t feel uneasy in his presence. :shy: I really look forward to seeing him. :ysim:

I saw fire salamander :smile: