Who here has seen dragons?

This is still one if my goals.
To see, talk to or whatever with a dragon.
Western, Eastern or African variant doesn´t matter.
Hell io´d even go for a seasnake or some other monster :smile:

But sadly my summoning of DCs is still very bad.
Even humans work only rarely and often disapear very fast.
Only thing i get to wrok regularly is a little grey hamster that can talk :tongue:
The bad thing is he only talks about hamster themes, including eating his own poop (wich he thinks is delicious).

I thought about raising a dragon for the last months quest and even got an egg (it was light blue with darker blue spots) but it would never hatch :sad:
It would only move and shake a little sometimes.
Man how i would´ve loved to raise a dragon, even if it´d take a hundred years!

So what are your experiences with dragons or other mythical creatures for that matter?
Are they friendly or do they just want to eat you?

I love dragons. I’ve had a few dreams and many HH with “my dragon” Lazer. He’s a black dragon and he’s really nice…atleast to me and my SG :tongue:

He has talked to me in HH and I think in one dream. I really don’t remember. I’ll have to go back and read my DJ.

Dragons have also always been my favorite “animal”, and I’m actualy working transforming into a dragon in my next LD. If not a dragon, I’ll settle for half man/half dragon.


Instead of summoning just open a door and expect it to be there. I’ve found many odd things when opening doors, even when I expect nothing. For example, a unicorn lol.
Maybe try finding a ‘dragon door’. A large marble door with a dragon desgin on the front that leads into the land of dragons :slight_smile:

And if you can’t find it, this will bring you there. -Hands you a small blue marble-

When ever it appears in your dreams you will be lucid, and it will take you to your dragons.

One of my goals in my LD’s has been for a very long time to fly a dragon. I tried making a dragon appear many times, and was only half-successful… until a few days ago when I had my latest LD, and a mysterious woman (who I suspect might be my spirit guide, for some reason) appeared and helped me with my goal of flying a dragon. She made a purple dragon appear and I flew on it’s back. It even talked to me! :grin:

In my experience, making dragons appear (or maybe it’s just big things in general) is way harder than making mirrors or even people appear… but if you keep trying, you’ll eventually get it, sooner or later! :happy:

I’ve always loved dragons… :dream:
I often dream of them… actualy, my SP is a dragon! :grin:
I’ve transformed into one once… it was weird…o0 but i haven’t ridden one… yet… :tongue: Hehe… next time i’ll summon the pineapple dragon!! :cool:

It’s the same thing.
Depends only on how you set your mind to it.

Hah, yeah I know :smile: but just because the object is bigger, I always have a much harder time expecting it to be there… it’s like the size confuses me and throws my self-confidence off.

I saw a dragon once. But I only remember actually seeing the head and neck. And I discovered it was made of water. It didn’t do anything.

BTW, that hamster sounds hilarious. A character like that could be excellent as a sidecharacter in a comicbook or something.

Yeah, the hamster sounds hilarious indeed. If I ever get to nail lucidity I’ll try to summon some creatures. I’d rather try summoning a Griffin though :grin:

You can also become a dragon! and make one of the DC’s a dragon! (but I think you should ask him/her if he/she wants to) :wink:

Ya know, this is kind of a funny topic because I recently learned that dragons are a big thing to my subconcious for some reason. I’ve ridden, been, and other misc things with dragons. But my own dragon? why didn’t I think of that. Or maybe my SG is a dragon, I haven’t met mine yet. I wish I could get lucid again…

Seen dragons? I’ve been a dragon-creature!

Last night I was lucid and flying around this cruise ship in the middle of the sea, I thought “I should summon my dragon from the north” I could see it coming from the distance, but I knew it would scare everyone on the ship (like me flying around wouldnt lol) so I sent it back very quickly. This was only my 2nd LD, and I only learned about them last saturday. -obi

The most vivid dream I ever had was when I transformed into a dragon. It was the only time I’ve felt a new body rather than just see my outside change and still feel human. Awesome feeling.

I love dreaming of dragons. Even when I was young, dragons would trigger lucidity for me.
Infact, my SG can turn into a dragon. I did a few times too.

EDIT: Especially if you count the Wyvern in my avatar. Changed into him a few times too.

i turned this cube thing… and it put 3 dragons in the air… and then I tryed to reverse it… and it put 3 more :razz:

I looked up at the sky in a dream and saw a dragon…

3 seconds later it was hit by an A380 and both crashed screaming to the ground and caused a terrific explosion.


Well, I don’t recall any recent dreams with dragons, but I periodically have some very interesting little demons. Some are quite charming, actually.


I haven’t seen any real dragons IRL… gee I wonder why.

In my dreams I haven’t seen any living dragons but I have seen some incredible dragon statues - made from all sorts of metals and gold - so amazingly crafted… so beautiful!

In my lucid dreams - no dragons what so ever :smile:

Oooh i will definately try to make a dragon appear next time i have a LD, i’ve only had one so far and it didn’t last very long but i was quite powerful in it. I morphed into something else straight away and managed to summon an item immediately. The only funny thing that happened was that the first time i tried to breathe fire i breathed water :meh: