Who here have perfected the WILD technique?

I’m just beginning to practice it and have yet to succeed. In the long run though it seems, in theory, that if I became proficient enough I’d be able to WILD every night. The potential of WILD is to be able to enter the REM state conscious and have lucid dreams at will. This would represent the highest form of proficiency in the WILD technique. My question is whether any of you hardcore lucid dreamers have achieved a high degree of success with WILD? And if so, what specific WILD technique has been most helpful to you? Thanks.

Yea! I have :happy: Basically since beginning here at LD4All I could WILD my way into LDs at will. I’ve done it so much now that it’s as natural as going to sleep :roll:

WILD was pretty hard…more so in the evenings, but I can do it pretty much whenever now :ok:

Personally I like to deviate from the traditional naptime/daytime WILDs, and just WILD in the evening when I normally go to sleep :yes: Because I fall asleep pretty fast, it just happens–so I enter dreams very quickly. No real explainging it…I just do it–like Nike :grin:

If I am just a little bit awake, though I usually just have sex with my gf and that gets me drowsy afterward. I heard that can hinder your chances, but it helps me, I guess :shrug:

Yea…too much info–besides not everyone can use the same tech…I guess daydreaming works fine, too :hmmm: until you fall asleep into a dream, ya know :tongue:

If WILD became so much of a habit, wouldn’t you loose consciousness since it was a habit? So I think you would still have to try hard to WILD, but I think it would eventually become easier.

I am still trying to WILD, although I’ve had great experiences with it. I have had 3 full LDs, but I have been trying this for about 4-5 years.

I suppose so for some people…I just don’t have to try as hard as it had been hyped up to be :shrug:

The last two days have been my first WILD-free days in three months, and I still haven’t succeeded with it. Hopefully I’ll make it and become good at it.