who wants to chat this week during a wbtb hour ?

Hi people !

I’m sick and tired of having few results. :cry: Because I’m hightly motivated ! :grin:

As I noticed, the LD I had occured when my daughter woke me up early and when she got back to sleep with me. THis week, she’s in hollidays and wakes up at about 8. I start my job at 11 and I would like to use this week where I’m not fully working to do WBTB.

I intend to put my alarm clock at five to be awakened from five to six. If someone else has the same goal and the same intended hour (five o clock in the morning in France), well, let’s come to chat, maybe together we’ll be more successfull :wink:

Hello Cyelle,

LD4all has official chatrooms for that.
Be sure to check ld4all.com/forum/chat.php (the link is always on top of this page).

If you have trouble using that link you can try this one instead chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.chat … =%23ld4all

Besides #LD4all (official chatroom), there’s also #dreamtime (dream topic is enforced) and #oniris (LD4all’s french chatroom). However, most of time, only the first chatroom is active.

I hope you can find someone there during your WBTB.

Oh I didn’t see this, thank you very much :smile: