who where you <-> who are you ?

For the purpose of the archive (we try to link the posts to the actual posters with their current id) i need to have a list of ppl who changed their nicks on the new forum.

So if you have changed your name, please reply with your current name and your id on the old (n54) forum.


Well first I was BrainVoyager, then became Mr Twin and now I have finally found a good name (I think :meh: ), BrainHacker.
But you already knew that :smile: .

for what its worth i belive i posted as trunks a few times but never registered.

Wow, I just noticed this topic. Shouldn’t this be in the “News” section?

I posted as “Dream Addict” on N54. I would occasionally login in as “dreamlucid” but my posting name was still “Dream Addict.” N54 had two names you could use. So the rare times I did loginto N54, it was as “dreamlucid”

Since “the big switch” to an independent board my name has dropped the space to be “DreamAddict”

:confused: PS. :meh: Hmm, loginto. Is that a word? It is now. :smile:

Valadin on N54, Changed to VisionDreamz. . .
Sorry i can’t help out with the archiving, its just that school is ending, and i have a lot of makeup work to turn in.

My official name on the old board was LePP, but I posted under Mr T.

I was Pantamilion on the last forum now I’m Pantalimon notice the difference??

I spelt it wrong first time :blush:

Pantalimon is the animal soul the lead character in Phillip Pulmans Dark matter trilogy (a must read mixes well with lucid dreamers)

Come on Englan Come on England! :cool_laugh:

Sorry :confused:


On the old forum i called myself “dreamwalker”.

I first came to this when i just replaced the word sleep in “sleepwalker” by dream.Then i recognized that dreamwalker is also used in (aboriginee?) mythologie,So it´s kind of bun.
But cause this forum is so international (which is very cool,imho) i decided to change it to “Traumgänger” (that´s the word for dreamwalker in my mother language,german)

Ok,enough to that stuff :wink:


I was what I am: Monitor199a.

I want some News! Dennis Miller Style j/k, what can you do for news, i know… Special reports for sleeping, dreaming, and eaiser ways of lucid technigues. But it has to be new, unless its not consider NEWS!

I never changed my name, i always have been HUBBS!

Sorry i just wanted news(i love the news)