Who would you like to dream about?

In the past we had
Girls you would like to dream about
with a ‘backlash’ of
Guys you would like to dream about
This is a new generation of question :smile:

For a fun interesting dream I would like to dream of Gold from the Once upon a Time series.
I would like to go through a circle portal with Siiw.
I would like to have a buffet and drinks with James Marsters (Spike - Buffy), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda and others), Coleen Nolan (Nolan Sisters and UK presenter) and my mum (if she wanted to be in it). It would be a fun and relaxed time.

I wanna dream about korrina/corni from pokemon, of course :smile:


I’ve dreamt of Gold! Also a few of the others from Once Upon a Time. I tend to dream of the media I am currently consuming.

I would like to dream of Kakashi from Naruto, because he seems nice, and I haven’t dreamt of him yet despite devouring so many chapters of Naruto. :content:

Also, Eleventh Doctor, because it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. :tardis:

As for forum members, I would still like to dream of transforming Bombax, because I owe him one from when he gave me a tail. :peek:

Same here. I’m fairly sure I’ve had Once Upon a Time -dreams. Also had Naruto dreams.

I wish to meet Dawn again. She’s an alien cat-like creature I wanted to summon in my next lucid, but met in a non-lucid dream.

I also wish to meet Ysera, the green Dragon Aspect charged with protecting the Emerald Dream. I met Elune in a dream not too long ago. She’s a goddess from the same universe with a close connection to Ysera.

It would be great to have a dream about the 10th and 11th Doctor.
But even better would be a private concert from Led Zeppelin / Bob Dylan :music: