Whoah...what was that??

A few weeks back i was laying on my bed thinking about Lucid Dreaming. I closed my eyes and pretended what will it be like when i realize that i was dreaming. When i did, I saw a bright ring flash almost like a lightning bolt. It was so bright that it startled me and made me open my eyes again. What on earth was that??
I’ve never tried to WILD but the guide here says that when you are in the hipnotic state you’ll start seeing dots or flashes of colors or images. Was i in that state for a second there or something?

Yes, absolutely! When attempting WILDs, I almost always experience those flashes of bright color which can sometimes resolve into the most outrageous multi-colored “living” abstractions. And the feeling that accompanies the vision of the color is, at times, pure ambrosia…like being bathed in a simultaneously warm and cool cloud of invigorating steam. Hard to describe…but my point is not to dismiss off-hand those flashes of color. I’ve found a mysterious adventure in itself by simply and gently focusing on them alone…not to mention that the brighter and clearer they are, the more avidly they lead to bright and clear LD’s :wink: