whole body tingling?

does anyone know what brainwave frequency the whole body tingling is? i geuss its theta, but im unsure.

A brainwave frequency in itself does not cause the body to tingle. It’s kind of a common misconception to see a direct cause and effect between brainwaves and physical issues, but it could very well be the other way around. I mean to say perhaps brainwaves are merely a result of physical processes (they are after all your brain’s electrical signals) and do not in itself affect these processes at all, or perhaps it works both ways. Kind of like a computer, and measuring it’s electrical signals and claiming that certain signals cause your screen to go black… while actually your screensaver is turning on.

Anyway to come back to your question, a tingling feeling in the body might have something to do with your internal energy (or chi as some call it), in which case experience shows that the lower your brainwaves are the more perceptive we become to this energy.

yes we perceive the more sublte energies and this awarenes of those energies feeds them so they become stronger.

i didnt mean that the tingling caused the brainwaves to lower, ijust mean’t which frequencies cuase the whole body to go numb, which frequencies are present when this is happening? I am asking as it happened to me last night.

Not sure of the freq, but think thats a good time to try to project out of your body.

No, as you wrote it in your innitial post, you meant it the other way around, a certain brainwave freq causes tingling. And I kind of answered that too, the lower the freq, the more chance it happens. So it might happen at alpha, more chance at theta, and it would for sure happen if you would ever reach delta in meditation. If you want to be sure what happend to YOU, buy an EEG machine … :smile:

i wish. having an EEG machine would be like my ultimate fantasy!

I had one for ten years, i did many tests on lds and dreams and drugs and meditation etc.

Its not just the brainwave that gives the tingling its more a transsition in the brain from waking to sleeping that you witness from waking…its normal for a trance stage or wild stage.
Even yoga or taichi or in meditation this happens sometimes.

Indeed Jeff.Tingling we get is usually part of sleep paralisis,believed to be an effect of body shutting or opening ports between the brain and muscles.I guess brainwaves may vary a lot then.