Whos succesfully had sex

Theres alot of talk about sex and such on here, but who has been able to do it sucessfully in a LD and can u have an Ejaculation or w/e, does it feel real?

I have…

I’m not one to know if it feels real or not, but it sure feels good! I would imagine real sex to be much the same. Still, sex in Lds is fun, but it’s not the greatest thing that you can do. I have experienced far more pleasurable sensations than sex in LDs.

Sex is something you can have in your waking life. Flying is something you can’t.

raises hand for yes for both questions. feels good.

ive had sex in an ld but did not “climax”

what’s w/e ???

but yeah, i’ve had sex in lucid dreams and it feels… almost too real. i think it’s a side-effect of the sexual energy meditations i do, but i’m really sexually sensitive in my dreams and will ejaculate sometimes before i can even manage to get the DCs clothes off, or soon after penetration otherwise

i’ve heard people say that when they ejaculate in an LD they don’t ejaculate in waking life, but… i dunno… maybe it’s cause when i ejaculate it makes me wake up :bored:

I can second that.

I have 2 times. In both cases I didn’t do it on purpose I just became lucid once I realized that I was having dream sex and went with it.

I have, it feels good.

Everytime I came close to a sexual dream which is a couple of times, I always wake up and it fades away. :cry:

nope. Thats actualy the problem that keeps me from having a fully lucid dream. every time i become lucid thats the first thing that comes to mind and i get to excited and wake up. :cry: its really a bummer. not just cause i don’t get the dream sex. but because it keeps me from having really vivid and long lds.

Never climaxed in a LD, but I’ve started sex, usaully wake up too soon :grrr: . Every time I try I know it won’t last long so I just grab the first woman I see and well… you know. :wink:

Yes I do have sex and have orgasms…what else is sex for lol.
But also a simple thing as kissing can be awsome in dreams sometimes!
At my first 2 lucid years that was all not so good…often woke up to soon.
But slowly that improved every couple of years and now its great.
Well lol after 19 years of lucid dreaming I buyed my time and experience there :happy:


Finally, a frank discussion on the subject. I posted something about this a long time ago and didn’t get very many responses. I have tried to have sex in a ld many, many times. Maybe too much. The best count is about 50 to 60 times within the last year. I’ve had a fair amount of lucid moments at least. I have only fully orgasmed in an ld twice. Neither felt as real as in waking life because I had real sex way before I ever tried to ld it. I did not ejaculate in the bed. I have never done that which I don’t want to seem like I’m making fun of people who have. It’s just never happened to me. I do tend to wake up a lot any time I experience something sexual in an ld. The funny thing is I’ve had MANY non lucid sex dreams and managed to last through the whole thing. For some reason it’s much harder to do when I’m lucid. The worst thing for me, however, was that it started invading my every lucid moment. Many times after becoming lucid I would start trying to bang the nearest chick, no matter who she was! It was like beyond my control. I could hardly concentrate on ever doing anything constructive in the ld state. Anyone else have that problem?

Good post KillaClown and also a very honest and open one, my compliments!


JEFF!!! YOU’RE BACK!!! Oh. Yeah I’m kind of in the “I try for LD sex every time and screw it up every time” stage. I do everything on impulse, I have to learn to wake up a bit more…

I must say Jeff, that coming from someone with 1756 posts, that compliment makes me feel great! :grin: I miss honest discussion. Not just in boards, but in life. I’m guilty though. I haven’t been lucid much lately. I haven’t even remembered many dreams because I no longer have a full size bed to sleep on. I have a futon. It isn’t so bad but it is different. It’s definately affected my dream recall. Well, at least I temporarily solved my dream sex addiction!

Hellow fellows,
All the sudden everyone on ld4all is horny, why? Maybe theres some kind of naturally occuring thing with the orbit of the moon or the sun or mars or something that makes something in peoples heads make them horny. I wonder why it isn’t working on me. Never had sex in a dream, wouldn’t know
if it’s good in a dream. I agree with ghostofthenavigator, you can have sex in waking like, I use my LD’s I have for all the amazing things I can’t do in waking life. Flying, walking through mirros, teleporting(a new one for me) and other fun things. I’ll eventually try the LD sex, but I’ve still got things to do before I get around to it.


KillaKlown i agree, an open honest discussion is a valuable thing!
You sleep on a futon? mmm well that still beats sleeping on a photon :happy:
Thats a japanese metress right? Ehm may i ask why? you like sleping close to the ground or you ruined your old bed?

Eric, iam now already 19 years a lucid dreamer and my first years of lucid dreaming i was not so busy with sex dreams but had a huge list of all kind of experiments i wanted to try and to explore the lucid dream world.
But later when u tried and seen most u make more a choice if u wanne go for fun or wanne go for exploration and i do both!


My room is kind of small and my bed took up way too much space. I didn’t have headboards and boxsprings because that would have taken up even more space. I used to just slide the mattress under the futon while it was set up as a couch and pull it out at night to sleep on it. It worked well that way for awhile, but I’d always end up getting it dirty by putting my feet on it while sitting on the futon. The futon lets out into a bed although it isn’t very comfortable. I told myself that I was gonna ween myself off of the bed just so I could have more room. Kinda stupid now that I think about it, but I’ve been sleeping just fine.

By the way… my name is Killaklown with 2 k’s. No big deal though :grin:

Well, I’m sure not that many people in here have had an orgy where it was like 1 guy and 20 girls, and I’m sure u’ve never had sex w/ Pamela Anderson, Halle Barry, Brittany Spears… :grin: Need I say more? I don’t think u can do that in waking life. :tongue: