Whose DCs have said the strangest things?

Funny Conversations with DC’s:

17th of May 2009 - The Tomato Conversation

Funniest FA I ever had… I wake up and a young kitten enters the bedroom. I pet it and say sweet words to it. My husband enters. He’s angry with me because I got a kitten without telling him.
“I only found out just now, we had one!”, I reply but he keeps angry and doesn’t believe me. The kitten runs away. I’m chasing the kitten through the house, but then all of a sudden the environment changes without me noticing. I’m now following a tomato with little arms, eyes and a big mouth. He’s pointing at a labyrinth.
Amaryllis: Wasn’t I awake just before? Where’s the cat I was following? And why am I following a cucumber now?!
Tomato (angry): Pay attention, will ya, I’m a tomato!
Amaryllis: Hmm. Fine. Are you really sure this isn’t a dream?
Tomato: Just follow me!
I’m following the tomato through a labyrinth. It’s some sort of jungle-kitchen garden.
Tomato: Ok, we’re here. Open your eyes.
Amaryllis: Did I have my eyes closed?
Tomato: Yes, you were dreaming!
Millions of strawberries are lying in front of me. I start eating them. There delicious!
Then an angry raspberry appears, he’s furious. He’s standing right before me and yells: TRAITOR! FILTHY THRAITOR! And he’s holding his fist to punch the tomato.
Tomato: laughs unstoppable. Finally… REVENGE!

2nd of July – The spoon conversation

There’s a fridge in the corner where the bar should be. A big white fridge, could also be a washing machine, or maybe it just changed. I find a spoon on top of it. It surprisingly has a mouth and eyes. I’m having the first task of the new challenge in mind and start talking. But I know I’m still in my bed so I lower my voice because I’m afraid I might talk out loud and wake my husband.
Amaryllis: How do you like being a spoon?
Spoon: I am no spoon…
Amaryllis: No spoon? Are you the spoon from the Matrix perhaps?
Spoon: No but we lay in the same drawer
Amaryllis: Can I meet him?
Spoon: Uh, no he’s euh… auditioning right now
Amaryllis: Ow… right… So do you like people?
Spoon: People?
Amaryllis: People, you know… What do you think of me for instance?
Spoon (thinks long): Well… (long pause) You’re no spoon that’s for sure!
Amaryllis: But neither are you
Spoon: Riiight
Amaryllis: Can I bent you?
Spoon: Beg your pardon?
Amaryllis: Bent you… like Neo does in the Matrix…
Spoon: Oh, bent me… sure, you can try… just remember: There is no spoon!
Amaryllis: Yes I know that, clever.

You know how in movies like the Sandlot theres always adults narrating about their childhood? Well that happened to me in a ND last night. Apparently I was a future Crayon maker, but in my dream I was only in kindergarten, with some older guy as the narrator. Anyway I guess I lived near a cartoonist. I took his color palette and threw it out a window and all the colors mixed into this kind of ugly brownish color. Then my DC narrator said, “…and upon throwing his concoction out the window is how I came to create the ugliest shade I have ever made: Cilantro.”

Maybe it’s not that funny but it made me laugh , it was in a ND , I wanted to plan a wedding and I said:“now i’m going to order the food for the wedding”.
any my mom DC asked :“don’t you need to find a bridge first ?”
and I still didn’t realize that I’m dreaming lol.

In one LD I had a DC tell me I was about to wake up, and showed me an ordinary piece of paper with a working countdown on it. It was about 2:30 until I woke up, according to it.
I looked around for a while, and about 2 minutes, 30 seconds after I saw the countdown, everything blurred and I woke up. :tongue:

cool !

It was pretty freaky, actually…

In my recent nightmare/ ND i was told I was dead (I was in the dream).

[community.ld4all.com/t/dreams-from-shadow-dreamer/30924/7) <---- my DJ

Lol, this one time, we were staying at a motel (this was when I was awake), and I had trouble sleeping.

I “awoke” the next morning (FA!), and I asked my sister:

Me: Hey, where’s Mom?
Sister: Oh, she’s riding on a motor cycle with some kids

I woke up and was like WTF???


I still find it funny that I was told I was dead right to my face. :tongue:

Today a monk looking DC told me “Movement is perfection while still, stillness is perfection while moving”. :eh:

^ wat? Hehe, that could be pretty profound if you ever found out what it meant. :3

The other night I dreamt I was a knight and in the dream a wizard told me something like, “Here is a tower: don’t think you can guard it, instead stand in awe. Then the tower will guard you.”

I was in my class having a test with many other pupils. We were all quiet.
Then the teacher says: “If anyone say anything, you will regret.”
"Of all sudden, one of the pupils shouts as high as he can: “I LIKE TURTLES!!!”
Suddenly the teacher have a revolver, and he shoots the pupil in the head.
Then i shouted: “WHAT THE F***?!”
The teacher shot at me, but he missed.
Weird thing was, no one of the other pupils cared at all! Then i woke up.

I was on a train, but i couldn’t see anything.
Suddenly i regained my vision.
Then a DC appears right in front of me.
He have a blue suit, a tie, and a suitcase.
He looks at me for a few seconds…then he whispers:
“Wake up and smell the apple pies…”
Then he dissapeared.

In my LD, called me a friend on my cellphone and said that the “po*** images of him are ready” xDD

This made me laugh so hard! hahahahaha

Quoting a pretty old post but I had this too the other night. I saw a book in a LD called “Pariah and the Questions of Life” :eh: I had no idea pariah was a word (I even wrote periah in my DJ before I looked it up in the dictionary…) No only this but later that day I was reading a book and that word appeared. pretty spooky (and yes, I RC’d! :wink: )

Alright, since I remember… Mostly DC don’t talk in my dreams… I do :B But yeah,
I was bonking my head randomly into the mirror and wanted to go though. But I didn’t knew I was dreaming, then I saw my reflection on the wrong position. I said to my cousin,
Yeah, those things can happen in a dream.
Then I just realizied I was dreaming, lol

This DC didn’t exactly say anything too wierd, but everything else about him was odd.

In one LD I was looking for a certain character. There was a man outside mowing his lawn, so I walk up behind him, tap him on the shoulder and ask him if he’s seen the person in question. When he turned around, it was creepy as hell. Think of Michael Jackson’s hair put on to a stereotypical Mexican bandit. He looked at me, giggled like a girl, and said “no” in a really high falsetto voice. He then reached out to me and tried to touch me, but I slowly backed away.

Like said, the word “no,” wasn’t too wierd, but the way he said still freaks me out.

The other night a squirrel jumped up on my shoulder at the end of a dream and said “Now go relive it without living.” :bored:

I talked to myself the entire dream last night.

Endless babbling about things removed from video games before the release.

…Stop 'n Swop… twitch twitch

Years ago, in my dream there was a dead man and a DC told me that ‘when people die, the last thing they said would stay in their mouth just reversed’

A few days ago one of my friends was explaining me a CSI scene or maybe a scene from a movie (I did not pay much attention until I heard) she said in the scene the detective said ‘when a man dies last thing he has seen is stuck in his vision and that way they can find the killer’.

Whose DCs have said the strangest things? Part II