Why am I having Lucid Dreams all of a sudden

Hey everyone my name is Chris,

I have never really studied lucid dreaming but I have heard of it over the years. Recently I’ve had a lot of difficulty sleeping, this has only been over the past month or so. When i do manage to get some much needed sleep I sleep for one hour at a time and wake up every hour on the hour which i find very strange. Its gets stranger, the dreams i’ve been having when I do get sleep have been so extremely vivid I can remember pretty much every dream i’ve had over this month… and there have been a lot of them trust me. I’ve found myself asking people in my dream, are we in a dream? then it gradually moved onto telling these people in my dream that we’re in a dream… I literally could taste pickled onion crisps in one of these dreams i had when I asked for a packed of crisps and somehow they were there and i ate them.
I remember hearing once you should try and find a ball in one of your dreams and bounce it so you know your in a dream, which I done and whoever it was with me in the dream gave me a football…

Now I find this all very confusing and sometimes the dreams are rather painful to me because they involve people who are no longer here, but I get to talk to them. I cant control every dream I have, like I dont always realise I’m in a dream but 5/10 times I say to myself Im dreaming and can start to look around this world and manipulate it or just take in the scenery which is there…

I’ve just started to do some research into this today, because I havent had a proper nights sleep in weeks and to be honest I just want an unbroken sleep for at least a night right now… im beggining to get stressed because im tired all the time but at the same time, its kinda cool knowing when i do get to finally sleep ill go through something that is pretty insane.

This has all started happening since i was in a fight with a friend and i had a pretty bad concussion, is the reason for this? I have also stopped drinking alcohol quite recently but i’ve given it up before and never had this happen to me.

I just thought id reach out for some advice and maybe tell you a little more about what im going through, funny thing is one of my favourite films is The Waking Life …i might give it a watch again today since im now on this strange journey to figure out whats going on with me


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Hello and welcome to ld4all :wave:

Sometimes when the mind is in great stress spontaneous LD can happen as the mind is in a Questioning state due to all confusions that happen and what I understand of the situation of Quitting with alcohol it too can be intense and create very wild dreams for a period.

If I were in this situation where dreams suddenly disturb me I would use the lucidness to my advantage and tell my SC to bring out the painful things and ask it to transform them to pleasant scenes instead, I remember that when I had very strong LD’s in a pleasant way it has felt like even short nights are giving much more rest and in my experience the emotions in your dreams will affect how you wake (provided that the body has gotten proper amount of sleep)

Good luck and hopefully some more people will give you helpful tips, I just gave you a bit of my lucid experiences :wink:

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Welcome to LD4All :wave:

Sorry to hear about your poor sleep. I have to say that it matches my own experience quite well though. Sometimes I’m also sleeping really badly at night for all kinds of reasons and wake up frequently (and presumably also at pretty regular intervals). In many of those nights I also have supreme dream recall. I think this is because I’m waking up directly after each REM phase and can take a lot of memory about the dream I just had into the waking state, process and memorize it even more directly there, then go back to sleep and repeat this several times throughout the night. In the morning I then have to spend so much time writing everything down in my DJ :joy: Why this works in that way is for one what I already explained: waking up after each individual dream rather than after a long slurry of sleep and dreams from which it is harder to prove something together. Another aspect is that I’m also often pondering on the dreams during the short wake phases in the middle of the night and spend erhört to memorize them for the morning but it seems you’re not doing that. But maybe you are actually doing it, albeit in a subconscious fashion. Are your dreams rather emotionally significant or something?

Now as horrible as waking up several times a night sounds, usually I’m still surprisingly well rested in the morning after those affairs and I think this is also because I do get the REM sleep I need, after all there wouldn’t be intense dreaming happening if I didn’t. From what you described it sounds like you’re really physically suffering from the broken sleep. That could be because it’s a continuous thing and your body would really need some perpetual rest once in a night. If it gets too extreme and you can’t figure out a way to stop this naturally, maybe some sleeping medicine could help. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and don’t really know what I’m talking about here. Consulting a real doctor is better than listening to random strangers on the internet, especially if they admit that they’re clueless.

I’m not sure I understood your part about stress correctly. If you’re saying you are trying to exhaust yourself more so as to force your body to sleep deeper, then that is probably not a good idea if you mean the same kind of stress I have in mind when reading that weird „stress“. Purely physical exhaustion by exercise is probably a good idea to try and see how your sleep develops.

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I have been going through a lot of stress but i’ve been through a lot worse in the past and never experienced this type of thing. same with the alcohol ive quit before and never experienced this… i was afraid at first because some of the dreams I was having were basically me in my house as it is now but strange things were happening like a small red snake toy was in the kitchen but transformed into this woman who said she has always been watching me and is here to guide me. then she would go into a room and disappear then reappear again… sadly ive not met her again in any of my dreams since!

I’m researching a lot today so I can try to control these LD’s and use it to my advantage rather being frightened of them. Although my body is pretty shattered at the moment I dont seem to get tired much at all anymore and I dont understand why :frowning:

This is why i have reached out to this forum to meet other people like me that maybe can assist me through this time… It might not last forever, but I do enjoy this ability to understand I’m dreaming and see all the things I do.

Thank you for commenting back I wasn’t expecting anyone to even notice :joy:

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Yeah it does sound similar to what i’m experiencing. Say I get 5 hours sleep (which is rare right now) I wake up at 1:45 then 2:43 then 3:46 and so on. I find it odd that the times I wake at are so regular. I have woke up processing the previous dream and thought about writing them down but because this is rather new to me I just fuss and complain to myself and keep trying to get sleep, but now I’m going to write all my experiences down in my journal I already have, I may make a separate dream journal if this continues on long enough.
some of my dream are rather emotional involving my ex girlfriends or my children who I havent been allowed to see in the past few years, so those ones can hurt me when I wake up. Usually my dreams I dont even know im dreaming because im doing regular things in my flat or walking around where i live, and i wake up the next day expecting certain things that happened in the dream to be so in reality… then i realse that it was a dream. for example I may dream ive bought a new guitar or something and wake up expecting it to be there and it takes a little time for me to understand that I was dreaming that. so I am getting confused between reality and my dreams…

i would really love to just have a long decent nights sleep but for around 2 weeks now I havent had that ive just been waking up constantly, im beginning to get worried in case this affects my health in any way… I have contacted my doctor about this and hope to see them later today actually.

I’m not doing anything to physically stress myself out or anything no, i have started going for walks down the riverside and stuff to de stress myself and hoping the fresh air might have help, i dont really get out much at the moment you see. My usual day consists of sitting watching movies and just relaxing, i try to go to bed at 10, ill toss and turn for 2/3 hours then get fed up and get out of bed until I feel tired… which can take til 6am when the suns coming back up. but not everynight… other nights i fall asleep fine and just wake up every hour. which is where i go through many many different vivid/lucid dreams

i’m learning more and more by the hour right now so maybe I can find a way to control this, thank you for commenting :upside_down_face:

Sorry for being slow responding, my WL is very hectic right now and I am about to travel far again today already which makes me as a consistent guide right now impossible, I just throw out some tips here and there sporadically as I have experienced many of these things myself at certain points of life.

Anyway, back to the topic, I have experienced that sometimes when something spiritual or something new is about to enter my life weird stuff happens in my dreams and I can be very disoriented, I also try to ask the dream guides what they want to show me as sometimes they give a clue how to navigate in the WL with stuff etc. Hope this gives you some more hints

PS. now that a few days have gone since your reply maybe things have clarified more :peek: