Why am I not getting any LDs anymore?

[center]Ive had lucid dreams really often before I started college, for like 3 straight years I had LDs, and in the last year was almost daily. But ever since I started college (like 3 months ago) something changed, now I barely remember my dreams, and not as much of it as i used to. I used to write them down, but I remember so little of them now that I just dont. Ive tried to meditate, relaxing, listening to I-Dosers (which are supposed to induce a LD) and nothing seems to work. the last amazing thing that happened to me was when I almost had an astral projection, and it happened around February and then nothing but normal dreams that I cant even remember and my consciousness level is so low in almost all of them (in just a few Ive been able to realize I was dreaming but for little periods of time). So im desperate :bored: and really want to know what is going on. :confused:
Any comments or advises would be very much appreciated :wink: [/center]

Could it be that you met all these new people and moved to a new place which occupied your interests? Maybe you think less of lucid dreaming than before?

Do you try any methods?

Also, a DJ can only enhance your dream recall, if you start using it again, your recall will improve.

I agree with the DJ thing… since I started writing in it again (in the begining all I could remember was a feeling and I wrote that down) ive been able to remember atleast one dream every night.

First of all thanks for your comments :happy: and well yeah I have met some interesting people but I still think of LDs as much as I used to, but of course now Im just frustrated about not being able to do what was so easy a few months ago. And the thing is that besides the DJ Ive never tried any methods to have a LD it all came so natural to me before. And I dont write them down because I just remember a little of them, I wouldnt even be able to write a paragraph. :sad:

It can be related to your nourishment :0 I had passed a year without having LD’s but when I started to consume fish oil (omega 3 pills) my recall increased a lot and I had 1 LD like 4 days after I started using them…

Oh, you were lucky to have them come naturally and so frequently.

Well, I know you wouldn’t remember much in the beginning, but as you keep writing it, the recall will grow over time.

If you didn’t use any methods and you keep thinking about LDs as much as before, I really can’t be sure what’s going on. Might be nourishment, but I don’t know much about that; might be the change of atmosphere, maybe even change of activities.

[center][color=darkblue]Wow, I didnt know your waking life activities or stuffs you eat could affect your LDs. Maybe it is the whole change that has affected me somehow, I guess Ill have to start writing them up all over again to see if I get any LDs.

PS: I remember having an apocalyptic dream like 2 months before starting college. According to a friend it meant that some changes were gonna happen in my life, I guess that could be one of the changes she meant.[/color][/center]

If you are those kind of “no-recallers” who wake up and remember to recall but still could remember anything, you should stay still and attempt a DEILD through daydreaming.

We all have dry-spells that we just have to get past optimistically. But part of your problem could be lack of sleep or just a strange adjustment to sleep patterns because of college. I urge you to write whatever dream fragments you can in your DJ, and continue being persistent. I’d also recommend trying to learn a new method, because interest equals practice, and practice equals (eventually) lucid dreams.

Hi there, I have a similar problem to you. When I’m at my college campus, I don’t recall as much as when I’m at home. :cry:

But it’s mostly my fault. I don’t use many methods, I just let it happen. I’m only just now beginning to get back into the swing of this LDing thing.

Like everyone else is saying, try to use a DJ and some methods. Those will help tons. When I have a dry spell, I put LDing and dream recall on hold for a while. Wait a few weeks, and try again. Often times that cures my dry-spells. If its stress or a change in sleep patterns, however, you might want to try and fix those issues first.

Good luck :content:

Perhaps stress of work and getting stuff done. You might have spent more time occupying your life with LDing before college.

try saying this is a dream all day long… look at everything as if it was imaginary… maybe that will help

Would you say your stress level has increased?

Is your sleep schedule the same as before college?

Has your diet changed? Are you drinking or using drugs?